FGV deepens cost analysis capabilities with Oracle Cloud EPM

The higher education provider uses Oracle Cloud EPM to generate financial reports faster, with more transparency, and with better visualization.


In addition to the features offered by Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management, the fact that FGV already has other Oracle products such as E-Business Suite, helped in making the choice. Having this ease of integration is an important factor because it mitigates risks and makes the whole process faster.

Rodrigo GimenezLead Partner, RGCE

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Business challenges

Founded in 1944, Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) was created to prepare qualified business management professionals to work in public and private organizations in Brazil. Today, the institution is recognized as one of the leading colleges in Latin America, offering undergraduate and graduate courses in various areas to help promote national socioeconomic development.

FGV also prepares research and papers that are commissioned by public sector businesses, private organizations, and international bodies, such as the World Bank. In addition, through the Brazilian Institute of Economics, the institution generates and publishes indicators and reports that are made publicly available and help guide the Brazilian economy.

With almost two dozen teaching verticals and a somewhat decentralized operation, FGV wanted to accelerate the delivery of accounting reports to all units and increase the transparency of its financial results. These numbers included the costs, revenues, direct and indirect expenses of each vertical, as well as net margins.

FGV sought a solution that would present all relevant finance data in a clear, organized, insightful, and quick manner.

Why FGV chose Oracle

To find a solution that would meet the needs of its verticals, FGV evaluated systems based on more than 20 requirements that the software needed to offer. The requirements were derived from a questionnaire that was created with the input of controllers from each of its units to be sure that the selected platform would meet the needs of its users.

With the evaluations made by each controller, in addition to an independent evaluation from RGCE, the consultancy firm working with FGV, the organization chose Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Profitability and Cost Management.


Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management is currently in its first stage of implementation at FGV, operating in three business verticals in the city of São Paulo. Though it is still in an initial planning phase, Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management allowed FGV to reduce the time required to issue management reports and therefore make more agile decisions.

Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management also provided a dashboard that enabled greater visibility into costs, offering financial executives and employees across administrative areas more insight into product profit margins, and all direct and indirect costs involved.

In addition, the application was implemented to ensure intuitive navigation and tight alignment with business drivers. FGV’s controllers are already using the tool without the need for constant support from the IT department.

The second wave of FGV’s implementation is already underway and includes four additional verticals in Rio de Janeiro. The company expects to implement the third wave by the end of 2022, with the aim of completing the implementation by the end of the first half of next year.


FGV selected Ninecon to complete the technical implementation of Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management.

The Oracle product team was also directly involved in the implementation to ensure the proposed structure was in place and to monitor product formatting.

Published:October 11, 2022

About the customer

Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) is one of the leading higher-education institutions in Latin America, offering undergraduate, master's, and doctoral programs, with courses that rigorously follow the evolution of companies and their needs in terms of qualification and professional specialization. FGV also carries out customized work for the public and private sector, and for international organizations.