Oracle helps Manhattan transact billions of retail sales

By leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the leader in ecommerce and supply chain solutions gives customers better performance at a lower cost. 


Oracle Cloud provides our customers with the speed and reliability to manage critical operations 24/7.

Jeff DemenkowVice President, Professional Services, Manhattan Associates

Business challenges

To compete in today’s retail ecosystem, the link between a point of sale and the global supply chain must be stronger than ever. That link is where Atlanta-based Manhattan Associates excels.

Manhattan provides ecommerce and supply chain solutions that drive front-end sales and back-end efficiencies. Its solutions connect retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers and improve key functions such as stock management and order fulfillment.

The company operates globally, linking 2 billion consumers to 20 billion purchasing choices—the equivalent of 150,000 pairs of shoes every hour and 300,000 tons of food each day.

Manhattan partnered with Oracle to improve the speed, performance, and reliability of its solutions. “Our customers include some of the world’s largest retailers, who experience seasonal peaks and swings,” says Jeff Demenkow, vice president of professional services for Manhattan. “We can’t afford inefficiencies or downtime.”

Why Manhattan Associates Chose Oracle

Manhattan Associates moved its supply chain applications and related databases to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

“We were impressed by the versatility of Oracle Cloud, both at the application and database levels,” says Demenkow, pointing to significant performance increases, cost savings, and reliability.


Running Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Compute on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Manhattan has improved its margins with 50% savings over its previous cloud infrastructure.

When Manhattan’s customers need performance, OCI delivers. Manhattan has seen a 30% performance improvement over on-premises solutions, plus a 25% reduction in resources, saving customers millions of dollars in operational expenses.

“The versatility of Oracle Cloud at both the application and database layers is making a dramatic difference,” says Demenkow. OCI also lets Manhattan offer SaaS solutions that customers require, helping take advantage of the company’s investments in the latest technologies.

“As we’ve continued on our cloud journey, Oracle has been a good partner,” says Demenkow. “They work with us side by side as we adapt our software and network strategies.”

Published:May 18, 2021