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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DevOps service

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DevOps service is a complete continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform for developers to simplify and automate their software development lifecycle. The OCI DevOps service enables developers and operators to collaboratively develop, build, test, and deploy software. Developers and operators get visibility across the full development lifecycle with a history of source commit through build, test, and deploy phases.

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Building and deploying applications using OCI DevOps service (7:28)

Learn more and get started with an example CI/CD pipeline


DevOps is the CI/CD platform for Oracle Cloud developers.

Build pipelines

Build Pipelines enable developers to orchestrate the software build, test, and delivery steps of CI/CD. From a Build Pipeline you can compile the application source code, run tests, and produce the output package (artifact) on a service managed build runner. The pipeline can receive a trigger from a source code repository (Git repo) commit to start the pipeline run. Developers can define the build execution environment, phases of the continuous integration (CI) process, and commands to run via a build configuration file in their source code repository.


Projects hold your Git repos, artifacts, build pipelines, and deployment pipelines in a collection that can be shared with your team members.

Code repositories

Code repositories are private Git repositories developers can use to store, manage and develop source code. With code repositories you don’t need to setup your own source code management system and can mirror an existing repository from GitHub.com and GitLab.com.

Artifact registry

The Artifact Registry service is a single location for storing, sharing, and managing software packages used for application development and deployment. It is a fully managed service eliminating the need to set up and operate the infrastructure required for repositories. Deployment Pipelines work with Artifact Registry and Container Image Registry repositories to deliver artifacts for repeatable deployments of your software.

Deployment pipelines

Deployment pipelines are fully managed workflows for developers to automate software deployments quickly and easily across multiple regions to OCI platforms: OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes, Functions, and Compute instances.

Support for deployment rollbacks

Deployment pipelines allow customers to automatically or manually rollback to a previously working version of the software in a predictable way.

Integrate with your existing CI/CD toolchains

Deployment pipelines integrate with other CI/CD platforms, including Jenkins. Customers can include a step in their Jenkins Jobfile to deliver a new version of the artifact and trigger the start of the Deployment Pipeline.

Deployments are free to use

Customers pay only for the resources used by the targets of their deployments and resources used during a deployment such as logs and notifications.

DevOps benefits

  • Automate builds and deployments for speed and reliability

    OCI DevOps service fully automates the software delivery lifecycle and thereby increases speed of development and reliability of application delivery. It eliminates manual error-prone methods of application integration and deployment and increases the reliability of operations.

  • Scale with your team

    OCI DevOps service scales your builds with service managed build runners. You can run concurrent builds and don’t need to manage or operate the underlying build runner hosts.

  • Integrated

    DevOps service works with your existing Git repositories and CI systems, for customers building new cloud native applications or migrating existing applications to OCI. The DevOps service is integrated with OCI services such as Virtual Machines, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, Oracle Functions, Artifact repositories, Vault secrets, Policies, and more.

  • Lower risk of deployments and faster time to market

    With OCI DevOps Deployment Pipelines you can reduce change-driven errors introduced by manual deployments. Instead perform rolling, canary, blue/green deployments, and optional automated rollbacks. All these capabilities lead to reduced risk, complexity, and eliminate downtime of your production applications.

DevOps use cases

Build and deploy new cloud native applications or migrate existing applications to OCI using a complete, integrated CI/CD platform and Terraform managed service to deliver software.

Automate new or existing application build, test, and deployment phases

Automate provisioning of OCI services such as Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, virtual machines (VMs), and databases

Automate provisioning of third-party services via terraform

Integrate with third-party CI/CD tools like Jenkins and GitHub Actions, Gitlab

DevOps pricing

For CI builds, customers are charged for the OCPU and memory used by the build runner instance based on the chosen compute shape. CD/deployment pipelines' runs are free.

You also have the option of using OCI source code repository, OCI Container Registry, or OCI Artifact Repository services to trigger pipelines or to store build artifacts. Alternatively, you can plug in your existing tools, such as GitHub. If using OCI code, artifact, or container repositories, you will incur additional nominal charges for Object Storage.

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