Oracle WebLogic Server

Oracle WebLogic Server is a unified and extensible platform for developing, deploying and running enterprise applications, such as Java, for on-premises and in the cloud. WebLogic Server offers a robust, mature, and scalable implementation of Java Enterprise Edition (EE) and Jakarta EE.

Oracle WebLogic Server
WebLogic Server on Kubernetes

Oracle WebLogic Server is fully supported on Kubernetes and enables users to migrate and efficiently build modern container apps with comprehensive Java services. Check out the WebLogic Kubernetes ToolKit, a complete set of open-source tools that simplifies running on Kubernetes, on-premises or in the cloud.

Run WebLogic applications in the cloud

With rapid provisioning and choice of infrastructure and pricing, Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides full support to run Java EE applications in the cloud.

Why build with Oracle WebLogic Server?

Full Java EE and Jakarta EE implementation

Java EE and Jakarta EE provide a powerful combination of technologies and APIs that focus on ease of enterprise application development and management.

Java EE at a glance
Jakarta EE

Develop and deploy with WebLogic

Oracle WebLogic Server 14.1.1 data sheet (PDF)

Cloud neutral

Oracle WebLogic Server supports running Java applications in any cloud environment, as well as on premises, with full application portability across environments.

WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Docker, CRI-O, and Kubernetes support

WebLogic Server on Microsoft Azure

Licensing Oracle Software in the Cloud Computing Environment (PDF)

Oracle WebLogic Server on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance and Kubernetes (PDF)

Application modernization reduces time to market

The WebLogic Kubernetes ToolKit enables users to easily deploy their WebLogic Server domains and applications in Kubernetes. Rich management tooling and APIs automate operations, while auto-scaling and auto-restarts of failed nodes ensure high availability. Achieve greater agility through the use of integrated, open-source tooling when existing WebLogic Server applications move to Kubernetes, or leverage Helidon to run microservices in a portable way.

Blog: WebLogic Kubernetes Toolkit Enhancements

Video: CERN leverages WebLogic on Kubernetes (1:36)

Oracle integration for enterprise application requirements

Oracle WebLogic Server is integrated with Oracle products and technologies line to provide optimal performance, availability and supportability of your custom WebLogic Server applications, and integration with your other enterprise applications and systems.

Oracle Coherence, Helidon, Java SE and GraalVM EE

Oracle Fusion Middleware, built on WebLogic Server

Using WebLogic Server on Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Applications

Oracle’s cloud native Java for enterprise applications

The world’s leading Java EE and Jakarta EE application server

Get unmatched performance, scale, and manageability in a single, unified application server. WebLogic Server is the cornerstone Java EE and Jakarta EE platform for on premises and cloud applications.

  • Full Java EE and Jakarta EE support for standards-based application development
  • Rich management tooling and API for automating operations
  • Autoscaling and autorestarts of failed nodes for high availability
  • Kubernetes deployment and administration tools
  • Active Gridlink for connectivity with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) for higher performance and availability
  • High-performance JMS messaging
  • Integration with Oracle Database and Middleware

The leading distributed caching solution across on premises and cloud

Oracle Coherence is the leading Java-based distributed cache and in-memory data grid that delivers high availability, scalability and low latency, throughput, and performance for applications.

  • Scalable performance for enterprise applications
  • Key-value object and document storage
  • Clustered caching with disk persistence
  • Fault-tolerant, automatic sharding
  • REST, Java, .NET, and C++ interfaces
  • High-rate querying and event-handling transactions
  • In-place, distributed processing
  • Hot cache for real-time database refreshes
  • Multisite data federation
  • GraalVM support for polyglot programming
  • Tooling support for Kubernetes
  • Guaranteed data consistency

Quick provisioning of Oracle WebLogic Server in Oracle Cloud

With rapid deployment and flexible pricing options, Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the recommended way to run enterprise Java applications in the cloud.

  • Quick provisioning
  • Flexible subscription-based pricing
  • High availability and easy connectivity with Oracle Autonomous Database
  • Automated deployments and full API access
  • Choice of supported versions and editions
  • Simplified migration with tooling and infrastructure support

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Moved E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and improved performance by 10-fold

Use cases for Oracle WebLogic Server

  • Modernize Java EE applications

    With WebLogic Server, deploy tooling that provides Docker provisioning support while the operator provides Kubernetes administration capabilities.

  • Run Java applications in the cloud

    Move existing on-premises Java applications to the cloud using Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for better performance at lower cost.

  • Build Java microservices

    Helidon leverages standards-based MicroProfile APIs to modern, cloud native Java applications using functional programming.

July 8, 2022

Moving forward with Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Fusion Middleware

Will Lyons, Vice President of Product Management, Oracle

Fusion Middleware, Oracle's digital business platform for the enterprise, includes products and tools for application development, integration, identity management, collaboration, and business intelligence reporting. WebLogic Server is a key component of the Fusion Middleware product family, supporting standards-based application development, performance, scalability and manageability for on-premises and cloud deployments. WebLogic Server and Fusion Middleware releases are coordinated to support integrated usage of Fusion Middleware products with simplified management and maintenance.

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