Data Safe

Oracle Data Safe empowers organizations to understand data sensitivity, evaluate data risks, mask sensitive data, implement and monitor security controls, assess user security, monitor user activity, and manage Oracle Database 23ai SQL Firewall—all in a single, unified console.

These capabilities help to manage the day-to-day security and compliance requirements of Oracle Databases, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Watch the Data Safe video (7:17)
Product tour: Oracle Data Safe—Unified database security

See Data Safe’s capabilities in action through a quick, self-guided tour of the database security cloud service.

Infographic: Reduce costs and save time with Oracle Data Safe

Learn how to improve database security and accelerate compliance initiatives while simultaneously saving time and money with Data Safe.

Workshop: Get Started with Oracle Data Safe Fundamentals

Get hands-on experience in the Oracle Data Safe workshop on LiveLabs. It walks through all of Data Safe's core capabilities in about two hours.

Oracle Data Safe customer success stories

Soho Media Solutionst

Soho Media Solutions chooses Oracle Data Safe to improve database security and address GDPR compliance

"We use Data Safe to monitor and assess user activity inside the database…It’s very easy to implement and it’s very, very robust."

—Guillaume Delannoy, CEO, Soho Media Solutions

Oracle Data Safe use cases

  • Protect sensitive data

    Reveal sensitive data in databases, including data type, location, and amount, and then mask data for DevTest use.

  • Accelerate regulatory compliance

    Assess your security posture, close gaps that may result in noncompliance, and generate reports to share with auditors.

Additional areas of interest

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  • Get Started with Oracle Data Safe Fundamentals

    This workshop lets you practice the main features in Oracle Data Safe, including activity auditing, alerts, security assessment, user assessment, data discovery, and data masking.

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