Oracle's Maven Repositories
Welcome to Oracle's Maven Repositories. Oracle built the artifacts in these repositories for use by developers in conjunction with Oracle's products and services. The artifacts may be different to those built by others from the same source code because in general, builds are not reproducible. (Checksums for these artifacts may also be different to those built by others from the same source code.)
You can choose between two Maven repositories on this site:

This repository contains artifacts built by Oracle from third-party source code (most frequently hosted on These artifacts are used in Oracle products and services and provided for community convenience.

pom.xml configuration


This repository contains artifacts built by Oracle from Oracle proprietary source code such as certain WebLogic libraries. You must register and accept Oracle's license terms and conditions to access these artifacts. To register, please visit the registration site. Please refer to the Oracle Fusion Middleware Developing Applications Using Continuous Integration document for detailed information about configuring your Maven environment to access the Oracle Maven Repository for use with Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Please note that some of the artifacts are older versions that may be missing patches for known security vulnerabilities. These versions may be required to build software that is incompatible with newer versions of the artifact. In addition, Maven requires that artifacts are not modifiable—-you must choose a later version of the artifact to get more recent updates, including security fixes.

If you use these artifacts in a production system, you should use a tool such as Oracle Application Dependency Management (or a similar software composition analysis tool) to identify vulnerabilities in your application.

The presence of an artifact in these repositories does not imply that Oracle provides support for the artifact-—please consult your product documentation and/or support guide to determine which of these artifacts are supported and under what conditions.

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