Product Information Management: Your Digital Link to the Cloud

A personalized guide to mastering product data in a changing world.

Simplify Your Journey to Product Data Mastery

Your business is increasingly challenged by data growth and complexity. How quickly your organization can make accurate product information available and actionable to all stakeholders in a cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment determines your performance and ability to compete. Poor data quality can cost millions of dollars in lost shipments, slipped product launches, bad designs, rework, and missed revenue.

This digibook offers best-practice insight and personalized learning paths by business process, role, and industry to help simplify and streamline your approach to product information management (PIM). Discover how accurate product data can enable your supply chain initiatives or path-to-cloud strategies to accelerate innovation, decrease the cost of quality, commercialize new products faster, and drive revenue.

Figure 1: Supply Chain Product Information Management in the Cloud, Aberdeen Group, 2017.

Performance Advantages PIM Users No PIM Performance Difference
Production Output 19% 4% 4.7x Greater
Product Launch Rate 3% 2% 55% Higher
Inventory Accuracy 7% 4% 75% Higher
Customer Satisfaction 10% 7% 45% Higher

We’re expecting a reduction in issues related to data quality of up to 25 percent. That improved data accuracy will prevent a lot of downstream problems, and help us get to market quicker. It was so easy—just configure, load your data, and go. Updates roll out regularly.

—Jamie Hornstein, Director of IT,
Ainsworth Pet Nutrition
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Strategic Path to the Cloud

What is your cloud-adoption strategy?

Without an effective way to manage product master data, cloud promises often fall short. By embarking on a strategic path to the cloud that begins with a purpose-built PIM solution, companies can connect infrastructure in any environment with a common digital thread of master product data that links on-premises, hybrid, or cloud. This means there is no need to replicate item data or build costly new integrations to run your end-to-end processes.

Aberdeen found that companies moving their PIM solution to the cloud were “23 percent more likely to trust the accuracy and completeness of their product data.” A product master data foundation in the cloud provides a low-risk high-reward scenario for cloud adoption—potentially within six months of implementation.

A Strategic Path to cloud

Existing Investments


One or more item
masters on premises

Innovate at the edge

(Hybrid cloud)

Synchronized item masters
in hybrid deployments

Complete transformation

(Cloud transformation)

A single and preintegrated item master on the cloud

Personalized Learning Paths

Choose your preferred approach to product data mastery.

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