Advantages of Developing, Deploying and Scaling Your Apps on Oracle Cloud

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For application developers, selecting the right cloud platform and partner are critical decisions for their business. But how do you understand which cloud platform provides you with significant advantages to developing, deploying and scaling your applications, as well as accelerating growth in your business?

What do application developers really need from their cloud provider?

Modern cloud infrastructure
Enterprise SLAs
Open platform
Investment protection
Flexible deployment options
Lower TCO
Robust security

Application developers are choosing Oracle Cloud

A growing number of application developers are leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Platform services to cost-effectively build, deploy and scale applications in the cloud.
Designed for all workloads, from existing on-premises to new cloud-native
Optimization for Oracle
The best at running Oracle Database and other Oracle workloads
Flexible pricing and consumption models
Simple and flexible pricing for all services
Predictable performance
Predictable, fast performance for mission-critical workloads
Comprehensive control
Central visibility and governance with flexible provisioning
Only Oracle supports the full range of strategic cloud options:
Migrate existing apps
Modernize and enhance existing apps
Build new, cloud-native apps
Oracle Cloud adds value to your business in the four following ways:

Economic advantage

Many organizations are forced to choose between flexibility and lower costs when picking a cloud service.
Common challenges include:


Rebalancing spend across different services

Limited visibility and control over cloud spend

Leveraging current on-premises software in the cloud

"We're transforming the way you'll buy and consume the cloud."
Larry Ellison, CTO, Oracle

With Oracle Cloud,
you don't need to choose:

Oracle bring your own license (BYOL) to PaaS
  • Leverage existing investments in Oracle software licenses to accelerate cloud transformation
  • Bring on-premises license entitlements and get license support via existing on-premises support contracts
  • By leveraging existing on-premises license entitlements, customers can move to the cloud at a lower cost
Universal credit pricing
  • One contract for access to all current and future cloud PaaS and IaaS services
  • Flexibility with pay-as-you-go or monthly price plans
  • Freedom to move across data centers, access new services or cancel them

Automation advantage

Built with AI and modern machine learning algorithms, the introduction of the world’s first ‘self-driving’ database is revolutionizing how data is managed:

Lower cost

Administration costs reduced by up to 80%

Reduce risk

Downtime under 2.5 minutes per month

Accelerate innovation

Apps developed within hours

Predictive insights

New insights continuously and proactively discovered

Partners can focus on managing their business, not their platform:

Instantly grow and shrink compute or storage without downtime
Adaptive intelligence-enabled cyber threat detection and remediation
Automated protection from downtime with up to 99.995% availability
"Telling would-be customers that Oracle runs the back end—tasks like keeping the database up and securing and tuning the servers—offers a huge advantage."
Charles Farnell, President & CEO, Ventureforth

Price/performance advantage

Oracle delivers complete and integrated cloud services that allow developers to cost-effectively build, deploy and scale applications in the cloud. These services combine the elasticity and utility of public cloud with the granular control, security, and predictability of on-premises infrastructure.
Oracle Cloud provides a simple, highly competitive pricing structure which is consistently shown in testing to cost less than other cloud platforms.
"We give customers the freedom to expand, move, cancel, and try new things. You have complete flexibility, and it gets cheaper the more you use it. We are making it more flexible and cost-effective than what any of our competitors can offer."
Larry Ellison, CTO, Oracle
"95% of people that go into AWS build on AWS's EC2 environment, which means you cannot export the build afterwards. So, if you want to get out of AWS, it now becomes cost intrusive, because you have to go out and rebuild all your workloads."
Cloud Architect for Financial and Automotive Industry
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is more modern, more capable and more performant than other public clouds. This means you can run the same workloads (at scale) using less infrastructure-effectively reducing you're computing costs as you reduce your capacity requirements. Less capacity; less cost.
"Oracle Database Cloud provides more performance options, as well as unparalleled automation, scalability, and availability, as compared to AWS and Azure."
‘Next-Generation Cloud Delivers Enterprise Scale’
DAO Research whitepaper
"For Amazon, we had to go through a third-party consulting organization. It’s not easy to buy directly from Amazon if you’re not a savvy buyer."
President for Global Education Provider
"Even if you deploy Oracle VMs on Azure or AWS, you can’t match the same level of performance [as on Oracle Cloud]. It’s just not possible."
Director of Cloud Services for Financial Services Application Provider

Innovation advantage

A cloud-native approach enables you to develop applications faster and cost-effectively add new, modern capabilities and differentiated features to your software to give you the competitive advantage.
Avoid application lock-in with a standards-based, cloud-neutral platform
Leverage an intuitive, complete container lifecycle management toolchain or swap in components
Run on bare metal, virtual machines or a combination, with high security, performance and control