4 steps to improved application performance with machine learning
It takes more than just human intelligence to keep your hybrid cloud applications running at peak performance. Discover four steps to smarter application monitoring – for simpler employee workloads, increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction.
1. Consider how visible your applications are today

of production applications have bugs or errors1



of businesses admit that it's their customers who are 'frequently' or 'occasionally' first to spot them1

Why? Existing monitoring solutions are slow and create too much data

The result: Only 6% of companies completely trust their monitoring strategy1

2. Consolidate your disparate monitoring systems

On average, organisations have:
IT operations systems of record, typically working in disfunctional silos2.

This is clearly too many, so:
of IT organisations already recognise a need for new monitoring solutions that take a more holistic view3

3. Continue your migration towards hybrid cloud with a solid management platform

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd predicts that, by 2025:

of production applications will run in the cloud

of IT budgets will be spent on business innovation

of IT organisations will move system management to the cloud

And enterprise clouds
will be the most secure place for IT processing.

This will help your business simplify its operations and improve the performance of its applications.

4. Adopt smarter application monitoring in the cloud

of heavy users of multiple cloud solutions have already implemented service-level monitoring and reporting across their full mix of public, private and hybrid cloud resources3.

Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) intelligently identifies performance issues across all your cloud resources using four types of machine learning algorithm:

  • Correlating data sets that are too large for humans to evaluate
  • Clustering data sets to automatically identify problems
  • Detecting and troubleshooting anomalies
  • Forecasting future behaviour to enable intelligent decisions
Machine learning is essential for efficient monitoring and increasing application performance.


Machine learning can simplify your hybrid cloud infrastructure, giving you the freedom to achieve more.

It can reach into your huge volumes of complex data and pull out the simple truths on application performance – enabling you to improve employee productivity and optimise the customer experience.

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