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Higher-education institutions are under increasing pressure to improve:

  • Learning outcomes and student success
  • Development of funding models based on student performance
  • Academic reputation and the cost of education

And the future holds even greater challenges

of presidents and

of business officers

aren’t confident about the sustainability of their business model over the next 10 years1

The challenges are compounded by a lack of meaningful insights

Only 10%

of institutions are very confident they have the data to make informed decisions2

Many education institutions are looking to cloud IT

  • to help modernize campus operations
  • reduce unpredictability in IT costs
  • accelerate innovation
  • enable collaboration among faculty, staff, and students,
  • and power sustainable, scalable IT solutions

Oracle offers a direct path for higher-education institutions to a cloud that’s:

  • Modular and configurable
  • Based on modern best practices
  • Scalable, secure,and easy to use

Oracle Cloud Solutions give higher-education institutions the capability to:

  • Connect any person, anytime, anywhere, on any device to enhance learning and streamline processes
  • Connect data silos to gain insights that improve decision-making
  • Connect top talent to job openings to attract and retain the best staff

Would you like to deliver a sustainable future for your institution and better student outcomes?

Learn how Oracle Cloud Solutions for higher education can help.

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