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Oracle Higher Education Solutions

9 Steps to

Modernizing Higher Education

The digital solutions bringing colleges and universities into the 21st century

Digital disruption is in full swing on today’s campuses. But rather than posing challenges, disruption offers university administrators wide-ranging opportunities to embrace digital transformation and bring their institutions into the 21st century.

Shifting student expectations combined with competition from new learning delivery models have changed the higher education landscape. Today’s digitally-immersed students expect:

Real-Time Access

From the admissions process to learning platforms, students want information when and how they need it.


Interactions with faculty, counselors, and peers should be effortless across all channels and devices.


Students want a highly personalized learning experience that provides marketable skills and exceptional value.

Under pressure from these forces, as well as from ever-tightening budgets, administrators must apply the latest digital tools to enable pragmatic innovation and develop blueprints for building modern campuses. Continue through this interactive experience to discover your nine building blocks for success.

Students today expect relevance, relationships, and real-time access from modern campuses.

Building Block #1
Building Block #2
Building Block #3

Omni-Channel Engagement

A single, central system for managing and coordinating students’ interactions with your institution across departments, communication channels, and devices lets your school:

Better manage and coordinate interactions across departments, communication channels, and devices

Monitor students’ digital body language

Develop and deliver relevant information in a timely manner

See how omni-channel engagement can transform your organization.

Build deeper, more personal relationships with students so they feel that you truly care about their success

Enhance the quality of student engagement with your institution

Recruiting Excellence

Competition for quality students is heating up between traditional institutions, MOOCs, virtual schools, and vocational colleges. A modern, mobile-enabled recruiting platform with sophisticated analytics tools allows your institution to:

Understand prospect behaviors and preferences

Create highly relevant content to better engage high-value prospects

Deliver that content at the right times in the recruitment cycle

Discover the benefits of a best-in-class recruiting platform.

Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of enrollment activities

Improve the accuracy of enrollment forecasts

Seamless Student Experiences

Information is often stored in disconnected departments and business systems, which means your institution can’t gain a detailed profile of every student. A digital solution tailored for higher education that unifies student experiences across offices, departments, and channels enables:

End-to-end visibility into student activities

Better identification of students at risk of dropping out or missing educational targets

Early interventions so students can get back on track

See how creating seamless experiences will benefit your staff and students.

Prioritize faculty and employee activities

Forge stronger connections between staff and students

Improve student retention rates

70% of campus officials say decline in enrollment is their biggest worry.1

1 University Business, “Higher ed enrollment concerns and strategies,” December 20, 2016

Learn how personalizing the student experience can help you keep enrollment numbers high.

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Student Success

Converting a potential student into an enrolled student is only half the battle. Schools must play an active role in helping students achieve their academic and personal goals.

Schools thrive when students do, and these three data-driven building blocks can help you improve student retention rates and outcomes.

Building Block #4
Building Block #5
Building Block #6

A Data-Driven Culture

Data is everywhere. But can you manage and make sense of it all? A unified, end-to-end analytics platform with self-service tools and built-in data governance protocols allows you to:

Implement a comprehensive data management policy, and better manage data access for faculty and administrators

Quickly extract meaning from mounds of information

Run data analyses and produce reports without relying on IT

Unlock the benefits of creating a data-driven culture.

Inform timely decision-making for administrators and staff

Mitigate risk to sensitive student, faculty, and staff data

Guardrails for On-Time and On-Budget Graduation

There are cases where students require extra time and more credits than anticipated to earn degrees. With a platform that gives students the tools to track progress toward their academic goals, while letting higher-education leaders collaborate with students on detailed action plans for staying on track, you will:

Prevent students from requiring extra time, more credits, and more funding than anticipated to complete their degrees

Improve collaboration between higher-education leaders and students so they can create detailed action plans

See what happens when you track and respond to graduation guardrails.

Augment overall facility perception and reputation based on students’ stellar experiences

Reap increased revenue opportunities from performance-based funding, which ties funding for your institution to student outcomes

Highly Tailored Learning Content and Services

Learner-centric solutions augment classroom learning with personalized, mobile, digitally rich online curricula and content. This includes an online learning exchange, giving you the power to:

Tailor learning for individual student needs based on their historical performance

Embrace online learning experiences and rich media to give students more control over their personal academic journeys

Analyze academic data to understand which tactics work, and which don’t

Discover the value of creating tailored learning experiences.

Experience higher levels of student engagement and better student outcomes

Get a competitive edge against online-only courses and degree programs

30% of first-year students don’t make it to their second year.2

2 Complete College America, Four-Year Myth, 2014

See how the University of Wisconsin uses data to drive student success.

Campus Success Story: Shawnee State University

See how Shawnee State puts students first and helps them grow and thrive using Oracle Higher Education Enterprise Cloud.

Shawnee State is proof that even small schools can make a big impact by transforming their culture and campus with custom technology.

With 3,800 students and 700 employees, the school moved to cloud services when it realized its IT department was too small to handle the modern needs of its students, employees, and faculty. Through Oracle Student Cloud, the university has enhanced its recruitment and enrollment of best-fit students, kept students engaged, and streamlined university functions.

“Tracking and reaching out to students at critical points is so important. Our faculty help make that happen. Likewise, our staff help make that happen. Oracle provides us with the technology and efficiency to be able to do that at those critical junctures to retain and graduate.”

– Rick Kurtz, President, Shawnee State University

See more:

Watch how Shawnee State changes the game on enrollment.

Learn how Shawnee State has modernized its HR department.



Institutional Excellence

The goal of every college and university is to help students succeed, but your school’s efforts should focus on more than just student-centric strategies. To achieve excellence, your institution must effectively manage all of its resources.

Three capabilities are vital for modernizing your operations.

Building Block #7
Building Block #8
Building Block #9

A Shift Toward Strategic Initiatives

A modern human capital management (HCM) solution that moves manual processes online and integrates social, mobile, and collaborative capabilities allows your institution to:

Find, grow, and retain the top talent needed to provide high-quality student experiences

Engage in leadership development and succession planning

See the results of embracing a more strategic vision.

Be proactive in anticipating and addressing personnel issues before they become problems

Retain top faculty and administrative talent

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

A single, end-to-end planning and analytics solution can modernize your critical administrative systems—including enterprise resource management (ERP) and HCM—in order to:

Track the true costs of operating all programs and administrative units across the institution

Gain deeper insights into operations, opening the door to innovation

Continually refine processes and adopt industry best practices

Uncover the operational benefits of a single, end-to-end planning and analytics solution.

Unlock new sources of revenue

Manage operating and capital costs

Optimized Resources

With an end-to-end planning and analytics solution, you can uncover new ways to gain the most value from your school’s physical space, talent, financial assets, and academic portfolios. This lets your school:

Develop practical action plans for how best to allocate and use resources

Gain greater transparency and traceability

Learn how end-to-end planning and analytics can benefit your school.

Spark data-driven innovation across the entire school

From innovative ways of teaching to groundbreaking research, disruption is the new reality at colleges and universities, and modern technology provides the foundation for ongoing success. While the pace of change might seem out of control, you have the power to advance on your own schedule, meeting the demands of your students and moving into the 21st century with confidence.

With our deep experience and expertise in cloud solutions, Oracle can help your school lead the way to higher rates of student engagement, success, and satisfaction. Learn more by visiting Oracle’s Higher Education Hub.

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