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of retail employee turnover is driven by workers looking for better development and advancement opportunities

61% of retailers are adding career-pathing opportunities.

54% of retailers are adding training and employee development programs.

Step 1:

Creating a strong, attractive talent brand:

75% of organizations say a strong employer brand significantly impacts their ability to hire high-prospect workers, and 56% of global HR leaders say it’s their top priority.

Using omnichannel sourcing:

73% of job seekers in the age group 18 to 34 found their last job via social media, with the most popular sites being LinkedIn (23%), Facebook (19%), Google+ (16%), Instagram (16%), Twitter (13%) and other (13%).

Step 2:

74% of companies plan to increase spend on mobile learning in the next 12 to 18 months.

60% of organizations use social collaboration tools to get work done

Step 3:

Nearly 75% of organizations believe talent and people analytics are important, but only 8% consider themselves strong in this area. As a result, 35% are developing analytics dashboards.

HCM in the cloud not only provides greater insight via analytics, it can also save 30% to 60% on IT costs due to great efficiency and agility.

We estimate that online talent platforms can increase our sample retail stores' output by 3%, and reduce talent and HR costs by 5%. Talent platforms have the potential to revolutionize hiring practices, customer service, and back-office efficiency by selecting the right people for the job.

– McKinsey Global Institute, June 2015

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