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Meet The Olympian, Gerald Owens

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Success Happens Here

Be as innovative as you want. Be an advisor who consistently delivers.

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Innovation Happens Here

Help businesses transform with next-generation cloud services.

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Diversity Happens Here

Work with the industry’s sharpest minds in a fast-moving, high-energy environment.

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Our Applications

We are Oracle Cloud Applications. Today we stand with the largest and most comprehensive Cloud Applications portfolio in the market. We’re transforming the way business is being done with our Cloud. Change happens here.

There are over 70 million people using Oracle Cloud every day. With more than 15 years’ experience in running enterprise clouds, our customers are at the centre of all that we do. It’s vital to us to understand their path and challenges.

Our organization is the largest SaaS vendor in terms of sales to customers. Oracle Applications bring customers business agility; enabling them to achieve more, faster, and with less resources. We are changing the way businesses run their finance, customer experience and talent solutions. We have customers in all shapes and sizes, from Fortune 500s to emerging challengers.

Selling Oracle Applications is being a partner for your customer, understanding it’s about solutions not products. With your experience and insights in the respective areas, you can become a trusted partner, problem solver and thought leader for our customers.

Oracle’s Application Business in EMEA is knocking competition out of the park with SaaS growth. And with great growth comes great expansion…

Our Sales Openings

  • Are you driven to be successful?
  • Does your curiosity lead you down new paths?
  • Do you embrace change?
  • Do you see Cloud Applications as your future?

If so, we want to talk to you! If you are looking to take the next step in your career working for a company whose applications infrastructure is used for cancer research, crime prevention and many more other exciting ways of improving the quality of life, let’s talk!

We are hiring Oracle Cloud and NetSuite* Applications Sales Representatives across Europe, Middle East and Africa

* NetSuite was the world's first company dedicated to delivering business applications over the internet and is still the number one in the market. It has more than 40,000 customer organisations across all sectors, in 100+ countries, all running their businesses on the same version of its suite of cloud-based financials/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), HR and omni-channel commerce software.

NetSuite was acquired by Oracle in 2016, and is increasing its footprint in the region. With a true-cloud, multi-award winning product, growing customer base and huge resources behind it, its ability to support companies from start-ups to global enterprise makes the company ideally positioned to grow sales even faster.

In either of these roles you will be responsible for selling Oracle’s next generation of Cloud Applications (with a focus on ERP for the NetSuite positions).

What do you need to be successful?

  • You are a customer-focused self-starter
  • You are smart, social media savvy, digitally responsive
  • You will engage with prospect organizations to position Oracle’s cloud solutions through Challenger-based selling, business case creation, customer references and analyst data
  • You are the owner of your territory and customer relationships
  • You have customer success as your top priority
  • You manage the end-to-end sales process through engagement of appropriate resources such as Pre-Sales experts, Oracle Consulting Services, Oracle’s Executives and our global partner network
  • You generate short-term results while maintaining a long-term perspective on the accounts in your territory to maximize revenue generation

We can accelerate your career by combining your potential and skills with the training that Oracle provides to become an outstanding sales representative and partner to our customers.

What background do you need?

We want to hear from you if you are:

  1. Working either in Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Recruitment, Supply Chain or Sales
    • For our NetSuite openings, we are looking for experience with ERP applications, either on premise or cloud – more specifically, previous experience with selling ERP, financial or CRM solutions.
  2. A recent graduate with a genuine interest in cloud and technology
  3. An experienced sales representative looking for the next step in your career selling cloud solutions into industry segments
  4. Familiar with software, technology or cloud sales
  5. Driven and looking for success

Every day is different at Oracle and we are looking for people who enjoy innovating and working in an agile environment.

Some travel may be required for face-to-face customer visits and that you would need to be eligible to work in the country of hire and need to be fluent in English. Additional languages are a bonus!

Apply today!

NetSuite Sales CX Sales ERPM Sales HCM Sales Marketing Cloud Sales

Selling Oracle Cloud

With the growth of Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud technologies, Oracle has been able to build a portfolio of technology and applications that can now be consumed by many more organizations than ever before. These organizations need our portfolio because:

  • They are growing
  • Their existing systems no longer meet the needs of the business challenge
  • They are being beaten by their competition or new digital disruptors

Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud technologies have massively impacted the traditional sales and buying process. Research shows that over 70% of a buying process is done before a sales person is engaged. Therefore, the Sales & Marketing functions need to digitally transform to meet the needs of these buyers.

Hear it from our customers

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Cloud Sales People

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Life at Oracle

Meggy van den Ende, Competitive Thai Boxer

My name is Meggy van den Ende, I’m in Oracle 2 years now. I’m an Account Manager for Enterprise Resource Planning Applications; I’m selling software to enterprises in the midsize market in the Benelux, so really with our IT we try to help them grow and try to help them accelerate their businesses. I started out as a Business Development Consultant, so that’s basically the step that comes before really selling to the customers, and then after one year I moved into a sales role.

Outside of work, I mostly love to go and work out, either weightlifting or doing some Thai boxing. I love that there are no boundaries to what you can achieve and what you can learn, because you can always punch harder or more and there’s kind of no limit to what you can do. It’s where I can clear my head and I can totally focus on myself, so that’s what I love about it.

I always compare myself as a Thai boxer to myself at work, because I kind of have the same attitude here as I have in the gym – because I’m very competitive and I’m eager to learn, I love training and that’s actually exactly the same as the thing I’m doing in Oracle.

The word that best describes Oracle is “opportunity”: there’s so many different routes you can take in your career path here and so many possibilities. That inspires me as a person working here at Oracle.

Life at Oracle

Gerald Owens, Tenacious Three-Time Olympian

My name is Gerald Owens, I’ve been at Oracle now almost two years as an Inside Sales Rep. Where I work is pretty cool, people I work with are amazing, each one of them is exceptionally talented. I’ve got a manager, who I believe is looking out to get the best out of me. I’ve represented my country three times at the Olympics in sailing.

We sailed in 47 class, and I say “we” because it was myself and one other person. All the work we put in building that comradery, that partnership, that team, day in, day out, working towards our one goal, qualifying and then winning races at the Olympics was phenomenal.

Everything is about targets, it’s about drive, tenacity, there’s a lot of parallels with Oracle. The one difference with the Olympics and work is that here in Oracle you have that work-life balance: you work hard, you play hard – whereas the Olympics doesn’t have that forgiveness. It’s you work hard and you work hard. You’re awarded for achieving in Oracle by having that time off and being able to clear your head you tend to be able to balance other areas in your life.

Experience Success

Act as the owner of your account patch, be as innovative as you want, and turn into an advisor who consistently delivers. Take it from our colleagues, there’s nothing more exciting than that!

Stuart Anderson: I’m an OD Prime rep, so what that means is that I’m completely in control of my deals and my customers’ accounts that I look after.

Colm Donnelly: What Prime basically means is we are charged with looking after an account from start to finish. We are full account managers, and we have full autonomy and control over accounts.

Stuart Anderson: Being a Prime rep, we have to be on top of our accounts to make sure that we’re keeping those relationships going, understanding if there’s any expansion opportunities in deals that we’ve sold into originally. Or making sure we’re building those relationships to obtain that new business.

Laila Rahimi: If you want to go to Sales, you have to love targets, you have to motivate yourself, you have to push yourself. So, you’re working with companies, you’re not just selling to individuals. The difference is in volume.

Henry Kroger: You’re dealing with lots of different people on a regular basis. No day really looks the same.

Laila Rahimi: You have to love numbers, big numbers. It’s a bigger game that you’re playing.

Stuart Anderson: Targets are great. It’s why a salesperson gets out of bed in the morning, it’s why you come to work. You want to achieve your targets, you want to exceed your targets.

Anna Rosenthal: It helps, it benchmarks, but it’s also a nice feeling when you overachieve them. Because it gives you kind of like this “Oh, I’m better than just the average”. And it gives you a nice little success kick and keeps you going.

Stuart Anderson: Obviously there’s the financial benefits of hitting your targets, but also the credit you get from the people around you.

Anna Rosenthal: It’s like a team sport. You have a certain amount you need to score, and you go for it.

Colm Donnelly: If you talk to 99% of the people on the floor, we’re sales people at the end of the day, we’re going to talk about money.

Stuart Anderson: I don’t want to give the typical answer of money, but what motivates me is the fact that you’ve got great people that work here. You’ve got people that want to do well. You want to do well. Everyone wants to have a nice lifestyle. Oracle gives that opportunity, if you want a good lifestyle and you’re willing to work very hard, it’s very very achievable.

Aku Pollanen: The feeling at the end of the quarter is almost like the ten last minutes of a big sports final.

Anna Rosenthal: I think once you get that last signatures and paperwork in, it’s kind of like: “I did it, it’s done, it’s dusted.”

Stuart Anderson: You’re getting those deals in, and when they come off, there’s no feeling you can describe until you’ve done it. You’re sitting there at 11 o’clock on the final day of the quarter and you suddenly get a phone call from a customer saying “Let’s do this”. That’s probably one of the best feelings and probably the reason why I’m in sales.

Laila Rahimi: It’s all the people around me who are motivating me, it’s my manager, it’s my team, it’s my colleagues. It’s my job and I love my job.

Experience Innovation

Help businesses transform by integrating existing IT solutions with next-generation Cloud services and accelerate application development & deployment. It’s easy when you can rely on such a range of solutions!

Anna Rosenthal: Oracle offers a very wide variety of products: anything from HR solutions to financing, to customer experience. Most of it is in the Cloud.

Stuart Anderson: There’s a lot of companies that do what Oracle do. But there’s a lot of companies that don’t piece together what Oracle do.

Colm Donnelly: We’re the only company out there that actually sells all the products that we do.

Stuart Anderson: So it’s a little bit like lego, if you like. Everything with Oracle seems to fit and work together.

Hawia Nabi: It gives me an opportunity to sell the best in Cloud software - that empowers organisations that in turn impacts millions.

Colm Donnelly: When I initially started, I didn’t know much about selling IT software to big multinational companies. What Oracle did was they approached the whole training platform from the bottom and they taught us literally the basics, the ABC’s of selling IT software into companies.

Robbert Odijk: So, all the information you get, all the training you’ll be doing in your first couple of weeks – it’s intense but at the end of the day you come home and you think about everything you’ve learned that day, and the next day you’re going to learn a little bit more and a little bit more.

Henry Kroger: The sales process itself, everyone has a different approach to that.

Aku Pollanen: For me especially, sales is about problem solving.

Nancy Brilhante Rodrigues: There is one key thing – listening. So I have to listen very carefully to what my customers’ needs are and what their pains are.

Thomas Buffin: You have to challenge the customer, to create needs and opportunities where they might not actually see that.

Henry Kroger: To some extent, you are playing Sherlock Holmes half the time: customers always have different problems, so you have to find a solution for them.

Stuart Anderson: It means that you can really build a relationship, and you gain a much bigger footprint in accounts.

Nancy Brilhante Rodrigues: I like the fact that I’m working for an organization that is constantly innovating in terms of products, in terms of processes.

Stuart Anderson: The company is growing so much and investing so much in our Cloud space and our application space. It just means that you have the ability to grow with the company. What you put in, they put in as much as well.

Experience Diversity

Work with the industry’s sharpest minds in a fast-moving, high-energy environment! This is the place where we bring together groups who learn a great deal from one another, while having fun and making an impact.

Hawia Nabi: At Oracle, you get an opportunity to work on different industries.

Laila Rahimi: I’m working for the German market, for the EPM product.

Thomas Buffin: HR Transformation.

Aku Pollanen: Oracle customer experience solutions.

Hawia Nabi: I’ve been here for a year and a half, and so far I’ve had the opportunity to work on varied industries, ranging from professional services to public sector, and travel and transport industries.

Stuart Anderson: I was living in London. Loved the life in London, and then had the opportunity to move over here to work for one of the biggest companies in the world.

Laila Rahimi: So, the biggest draw was the challenge. First of all to work in sales – it’s a great opportunity to grow professionally and personally, to meet a lot of experienced people. Oracle is a great company, you have a lot of challenges. They push you a lot, but you push also yourself.

Thomas Buffin: It’s really a platform for your career, you can develop, there’s massive growth.

Henry Kroger: At the moment, Oracle undergoes significant change with the whole push for the Oracle Cloud strategy. So there is a lot of chance to work as an entrepreneur.

Hawia Nabi: No matter what territory you are working on, they give you flexibility of how you want to run your business.

Henry Kroger: My team, we are currently six people. Everyone has a different approach on how we handle customers, how we deal with colleagues.

Hawia Nabi: At Oracle, you find a very collaborative environment. You will always have people there, ready to help you.

Nancy Brilhante Rodrigues: Everyone is so happy, everyone is so passionate about their products and so passionate about the brand.

Stuart Anderson: I think the people I work with are probably one of the reasons that I’ve become a good rep over time. They’re very energetic, very encouraging and it is kind of like being a family and a team, especially down in the SMB OD space, because we’re all striving for everyone to do well, we all want to do well.

Hawia Nabi: Even the senior management here are very very approachable. You can go and talk to them whenever you want, so that’s something that I really love about this culture.

Oracle Digital Launches New Prague Hub

The latest tech, flexible spaces, rooms for collaboration & relaxation: Oracle Digital’s new hub in Prague brings the best of the other EMEA locations and welcomes new talent.

Marcin Salata: Really wow, this is nothing we had in the past. This is amazing how we were able to introduce in the Prague office all the technology which is needed for us on a daily basis to do the social selling. We always had the best people in the team; we were missing the facility and the environment. Right now, we have everything and we are ready to drag the game and do the business differently

Natalia Korhoen: I’m excited being here today. I would like to congratulate all of us with the move to the new office, which I think is very exciting and I believe that the new energy and spirit will bring a lot of opportunities to communicate, cooperate, implement all the plans that were developed during H1.

Alan Lawless: It’s amazing, I am so impressed! It’s a fantastic building on the whole and I think every element of it is excellent, but the Oracle Digital floor is just to behold. We’ve taken the best of some of the other buildings and we’ve brought them all together into the new Oracle Digital floor in Prague and I just couldn’t be happier. I think it’s a fantastic space, it’s so bright, it’s so open and airy, and it’s a very modern feeling befitting of the Oracle Digital organization.

I think it’s hard to pick just one area. I think what I like about it is the opportunity we have for technology. The way the space has been designed, we can convert a lot of these rooms, those closed rooms, into virtual meeting labs, into VR labs (virtual reality labs), and we’ve got the mediascape for ad hoc training and those kind of brown bag sessions, so all over the floor there is a lot of different areas that we can convert and grow and evolve into space that’s going to suit the

team and what we need to do as an Oracle Digital sales organization.

I hope that people will come and see Oracle Digital as being a really good career option for them in the Czech market, and people will come from far and wide to want to work here in the Prague office.

Oracle’s Reise in die Cloud – sei dabei!

Oracle verändert die Arbeitswelt und unser Ziel ist es etwas Neues und Einzigartiges zu schaffen – eine neue Community in Amsterdam. Begleite uns dabei! Du musst kein IT oder Industrie-Experte sein, wir werden dich dort hinentwickeln, wenn du die IT Welt wirklich kennenlernen willst! Wir suchen ambitionierte und motivierte Mitarbeiter. Werde ein Teil dieser Cloud Community!

Du hast bereits Arbeitserfahrungen und möchtest deine Karriere in die Wolken bringen?

Sei dabei und gestalte die Transformation mit! oracle.com/experience

Melanie Strasser: Hier bei Oracle gibt es so viele Trainings, die einen perfekt aus seinen Bereich und seine Aufgaben vorbereiten, so dass man fundiert und qualifiziert Unternehmen in Deutschland hinsichtlich ihrer IT-Strategie beraten kann. Man muss auch keine grossen IT-Kentnisse mitbringen, denn man wird staendig begleitet von einem tollen Oracle IT Spezialistenteam.

Maria Aust: Meine persoenliche Entwicklung ist mir natuerlich besonders wichtig und deswegen bin ich so stolz, fuer Oracle arbeiten zu duerfen. Denn hier geht es nicht nur um Excel-Training oder Praesentationstraining, sondern auch um Sales Coaching, Coaching im Management oder Partnerkommunikation. Und was ich ganz besonders bereichernd finde, ist mit so vielen kostfunktionalen Produktteams zusammenarbeiten zu duerfen.

Florian Rinnofner: Ob mir Oracle geholfen hat, mich hier einzuleben? Ja, eindeutig. Also sie haben mir geholfen, indem sie mir Support vom ersten Tag angeboten haben. Nachdem ich mich entschieden habe, hierher zu kommen, haben sie mir einen Assistenten zur Verfuegung gestellt und ein bestimmtes Budget. Es wurde sich eigentlich um fast alles gekuemmert. Ich bin aus Dublin hierher gezogen, und mir wurde mit dem Transport geholfen, ich wurde unterstuetzt, eine Wohnung hier zu finden, und auch die Behoerdengaenge wurden zum Grossteil einfach abgenommen. Das alles hat diesen Umzug extrem leicht fuer mich gemacht.

Meike Bernert: Was ich sonst am Leben hier noch schaetze ist eben die Flexibilitaet. Man hat hier in Amsterdam selber total viele Moeglichkeiten um auszugehen, um Party ohne Ende zu Machen, aber auch ganz viel Gruenflaechenund die Sportmoeglichkeiten sind echt der helle Wahnsinn hier. Alles, was ihr euch vorstellt, findet ihr hier.

Ali Kamugisha: Bei Oracle zu arbeiten, ist wohl die spannendste Herausforderung, die ich bisher hatte. Oracle erlaubt mir, meinen Tag selber zu gestalten und die Tools auszusuchen, die ich benoetige, um erfolgreich zu sein.

Godho Thiel: Wir suchen den ambitionierten Vertriebsprofi fuer Amsterdam. Wollen Sie Ihre Karriere in die naechste Hoehe schrauben? Dann freue ich mich, Sie in Amsterdam begruessen zu duerfen.