By the year 2020, there will be 50,000,000,000 connected devices, creating and sharing 40,000,000,000,000 GB worth of data across the Internet of Things.
Find out how these markets will take advantage


The management of chronic diseases is an important factor in healthcare costs around the world. But how can the Internet of Things connect patients, doctors, medical technicians, payers, and hospitals to ensure high-quality care?

  • Data-Driven ERs
  • Smart Devices
  • Digital Records
  • Ambulances
  • Intelligent IDs
  • Wearable Monitors

Building and Utilities

The Internet of Things won't be powerful enough to control the weather. But, when a storm strikes, how can your utility company keep you connected, productive, and safe?

  • Electricity Meters
  • Smart Appliances
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Intelligent Lights
  • Home Networks
  • Weather Sensors

The Home

Our homes are our sanctuaries and the places we go to get away from all the noise. But how can a more connected house make your life simpler and less stressful?

  • Intelligent Suit
  • Motion Sensors
  • Smart Cars
  • Suggestion Engines
  • Weight Sensors

  • Fingerprint Scanners

Coordinated Care

At first Debbie thought that she might just be tired. But as weakness turns to confusion and she can't seem to remember her sister's phone number, it's clear that she's having a hypoglycemic attack. And she's alone.

Real-Time Tracking

Debbie wears a monitor that tracks her blood glucose levels and sends the data directly to her meter. The data is also stored securely in her electronic medical records and available to her doctor.

Emergency Contact

Debbie's meter does more than display her blood glucose level. It was programmed by her doctor to alert him as soon as her glucose drops below critical levels and locate her so that he can send help.

There In A Flash

Convinced that Debbie is in need of urgent care, Dr. Kim uses his tablet to identify the ambulance that is currently closest to her house and dispatches it immediately. The technicians in the ambulance also receive notes from
 Dr. Kim.

Remote Physician

Dr. Kim, Debbie's primary care physician, receives a message on his device that Debbie's blood glucose has reached critical levels. He reviews the data on his device, instantly compares it to his notes and to other historical patient data, and formulates a plan.

Drive Time Search

As they race to the hospital, the technicians send information directly to area hospitals to identify the Emergency Room with the shortest wait time and the most relevant doctor on call. And when Debbie arrives, they are ready for her.

All-In-One ID

In addition to her name and address, the smart tag on Debbie's ID card also provides emergency personnel with contact information, medication allergies, and other key information.

A Storm is Coming

It's 2pm on a Thursday afternoon and the wind is picking up. As a strong storm front makes its way towards the coast, Local Power Company and North Industries are bracing themselves for STORM MODE -a citywide system for smart management of power usage in inclement weather.

The Social Grid

With smart meters installed in every office building in the city, Local Power can continuously monitor power usage on a building-by-building basis and ensure that everyone is in compliance with the STORM MODE program.

The Intelligent Utility Pole

Five years ago, Local Power installed nodes on utility poles around the city to help streamline the gathering of smart meter data and proactively help to determine when to trigger STORM MODE. And this is one of those moments.

Climate Control

Don, North Industry's facilities manager, receives a message from Local Power that his company's energy use is nearing its STORM MODE limit. To stay compliant, he uses his tablet to turn off the air conditioning in all empty conference rooms.

Down But Not Out

In exchange for discounts on energy costs, North Industries has agreed to allow Local Power to automatically shut off non-essential circuits while the city is in STORM MODE. North's employees hardly notice the difference.

Mind the Draft

The sound of thunder reminds Cara, North Industry's CFO, that she left her window open when she left the house this morning. With the tap of a button, the window is closed and her wood floors are spared.

Shut It Down

Local Power's smart outlets are programmed to recognize potential power surges and offer residential customers the option to safely shut down any synced devices.

The Daily Grind

It's 6 years from today and you're still getting used to being called CEO. But, as you've quickly learned, some things never change. You wake up and realize that the day you planned is not the one you'll have.

Lookin' Smart

When you reach into your closet, you see your trustworthy black sports coat. It's been charging all night. A sensor on the coat detects a high level of pollen in the air, reminding you to take your allergy medication with you today.

Business Standard Time

It's 6:00am and your alarm is blaring. You had set it for 8:00am, but the meeting invite was updated by the client while you were asleep and so your alarm clock automatically adjusted to make sure you're up on time.

Personal Chef

You walk into the kitchen to make breakfast. When you get to the refrigerator, it takes an inventory of the items inside and recommends some low calorie breakfast options.

Safer Stovetop

In a rush to leave the house, you accidentally forget to turn off the burner. Five minutes later, the stove's motion sensor recognizes that you're no longer in the house and powers down the stovetop.

Road Warrior

Even before you get outside, your calendar app syncs with your car to program your GPS, warm up the car, and queue up your “1-Hour Drive” playlist. From there, it's up to you-drive or be driven.

One-of-a-Kind Lock

Allergy medicine in hand, you leave the house for work. There's no need for a key. Your door has a fingerprint sensor that automatically locks every door of the house, powers down all indoor lights, and activates your alarm system.


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