Data has always been like oil for business. Valuable, plentiful, and useful across a range of applications, analytics, and machine learning tools. Data management has become the foundation for every industry across the globe.

With the volume and value of data increasing exponentially, the risk of things going wrong—and the impact if they do—is also rising at an
alarming rate.

A missed patch or misconfiguration can result in a security breach with potentially painful consequences. A critical database that isn’t available for any reason means the business processes that depend on it come to a full stop. And a database that isn’t performing slows down every application—and everyone who tries to use it.

The vast quantity of data available today also presents a huge opportunity—but only if you have the infrastructure and database to properly capture and process it.

Throwing more people at the problem won’t necessarily help. It could actually introduce more human error, and might even create a less sustainable approach to IT. It’s all about having the right IT infrastructure to support your database and future data management needs.

We at Oracle, together with our developers, partners, and customers, explored how your use of data is evolving, the challenges that are increasing in many environments, the future of data management, and how the right infrastructure choice can get you there sooner than later. This digibook dives into these findings.