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New Finance Research Confirms: Technology Obsolescence is Over

Technology obsolescence just became obsolete

No more upgrades—ever.
It’s music to finance teams’ ears.

The always-up-to-date nature of cloud solutions is one of the biggest reasons why cloud has finally become the new standard across Finance.

For decades, finance has had to “make do” with the solutions it has. Sometimes that’s down to not having the time or resources to upgrade, sometimes it’s data demands and integration issues, and often many finance teams simply found themselves unbreakably locked to proprietary solutions and systems.

In the cloud, that has all come to an end. Avoiding on-premises upgrades has rapidly risen to the top as a main driver for moving to the cloud, with 42 percent of professionals naming it as a main motivation for the shift.

Every new technology that’s come along in the past 30 years or more has promised to help finance teams get ahead. But, it’s the ability to stay ahead that has helped cloud do what other solutions couldn’t and become the new normal across the finance department.

Clearly, the move to cloud wasn’t just a decision that finance leaders made to improve things today—they’re also investing in an easier and more manageable tomorrow, where their teams always have the best tools available.

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