Pain Points

Can You Relate to These Issues?

  • Are you under time-to-market pressures to deliver your apps?

  • Is making sense of operational data a challenge for you?

  • Are your dev and IT operations teams collaborating?

  • Do you have to assemble war rooms for troubleshooting issues?

  • Do you wish you could forecast and fix problems more accurately?

Persona-Centric Solutions

Get What Your Job Demands

With Oracle Management Cloud, business and technology leaders can benefit from targeted solutions to drive digital transformation through better visibility, insight, and control over application and infrastructure investments.

How Does It Work?

Get Results When You Need Them

Oracle Management Cloud is a suite of next-generation integrated monitoring, management, and analytics solutions delivered as a service on Oracle Cloud.

  • Designed for today’s heterogeneous environments: on premises, Oracle Cloud, and third-party cloud services

  • Built on a horizontally scalable big-data platform with high-throughput processing to provide real-time analysis and deep insights across technical and business events

  • Configured for automatic analysis of data using machine learning, proactive monitoring, real-time analysis, and correlation across all Oracle Management Cloud services. No need for multiple information silos across end-user and infrastructure data, nor the need for data scientists on the operations team

Adani Ports Transforms IT with Machine Learning & AI

CIO of Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Ltd, India’s largest ports developer and operator, explains that using machine learning to manage their heterogeneous environments enables them to control manpower and understand user experience.

What’s Unique About It?

It Is Built on a Smart, Unified Platform

Operational data, including machine-generated data, can be of different types and dimensions. The data that answers your questions is often in multiple systems.

With Oracle Management Cloud, your uploaded data is stored in a single, unified, big-data platform. This data is automatically correlated and processed by a robust and scalable pipeline that offers high-throughput processing of massive amounts of data.

Cloud services enabled by this platform offer real-time monitoring and alerting, rapid diagnostics, operational insight, and business analytics.

Oracle Management Cloud has enabled us to manage our IT more efficiently. It allows us to scale and to manage our peaks better, and it gives us flexibility. Most importantly, it helps in detecting issues such as slow transactions, and helps resolve them proactively and more quickly. This makes a difference to our operational efficiencies, which in turn directly impacts positively our customers’ experience.

Rubal Jain
Managing Director, Safexpress

What Makes It So Intelligent?

It Is Powered by Machine Learning

Watch Andrey Tambovsky, technologies director at FORS, discuss how fast and easy it was for the company to connect its on-premises environment to the cloud with the unified Oracle Management Cloud solution.

Read the success story:

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

  • What is normal behavior now?

  • How will performance change in the cloud?

  • Which workloads should I move?

  • How can I enforce configuration consistency?

Drive Your Cloud Adoption with Confidence

Are you considering moving your DevTest environments to the cloud? Are you thinking about transferring your production workloads? Perhaps you are interested in both. Whatever your needs, Oracle Management Cloud can help you achieve your cloud-adoption and migration goals more quickly, without risk.

  • Easily create performance and configuration baselines for your on-premises environments

  • Validate your target cloud environment against your baselines

  • Monitor end to end across Oracle Cloud, other clouds, and on premises

  • Automatically adapt to ongoing changes in your new development and production environments

Digital business transformation requires new approaches to IT operations management. IT teams need to reach across functional silos and technology-specific domains to share information, isolate errors, understand dependencies, determine root causes of issues, and anticipate rapid changes and demands.

Mary Johnston Turner
Research Vice President, Enterprise Systems Management Software, IDC

Watch Mary Johnson Turner of IDC describing how cloud-delivered IT-management solutions are helping enterprises improve services levels and accelerate digital business transformation.

Monitor, Learn, Automate

Secure, Reliable, Easy, Fast

Data Privacy and Security Are Pivotal

Oracle Management Cloud uses a powerful security model that ensures the security and integrity of your IT operational data in transit and once uploaded.

As part of Oracle Cloud, Oracle Management Cloud is deployed on an enterprise-grade infrastructure, fully managed by Oracle.

Using point-and-click and drag-and-drop interfaces, you can answer such questions as “What are the new security threats I should pay attention to?”, “Am I up-to-date with security patches for my environment?” and “Is my compliance score improving?”. You can also slice and dice the data for your specific needs.

Oracle Management Cloud runs on tablet and desktop, with a fast analytics engine to get results when you need them.

By 2025, enterprise clouds will be the most secure place for IT processing.

Mark Hurd
CEO, Oracle

Get Started

It All Begins with Two Simple Steps…

  1. Start your FREE 30-Day trial and convert to a paid subscription when you are ready.

  2. Deploy data-collection agents on the target hosts whose operational data should be collected and analyzed.

That’s it! You have the power of Oracle Management Cloud in your hands to transform IT operational data into insights.