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1 Introduction: Leveraging Business Data

2 Discover the Power of Cloud Analytics

3 Cloud That Works Intelligently

4 Oracle Analytics Cloud

5 Bring New Value to the Business

6 Business Success Stories

7 Conclusion: What Your Future Could Look Like

Leveraging Business Data

We live in a data-driven world. It’s predicted that by 2025, companies will be storing more than 100 trillion gigabytes of data.1 The challenge now, for every organization, is to learn how to make that data work for them.

In business, turning data into valuable insights is imperative to success—
and maybe to survival too.

But it’s not easy.


Currently, 85 percent of companies claim they’re trying to be data-driven,


yet only 37 percent claim to have been successful.2

That’s because, with so much data in so many different forms coming from so many sources, successfully gaining truly actionable insights can be an incredibly complex task.

That is, unless organizations have the right software and tools…

Discover the Power of Cloud Analytics

Uncover hidden data patterns for deeper insights.

Oracle Analytics Cloud provides a better way of capturing,
analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing data—so organizations can take
advantage of new opportunities they might otherwise have missed.

This solution provides a dynamic, visual environment with embedded
machine learning to automatically discover and recommend new data
elements. This helps to uncover insights, trends, and correlations that may
not be readily apparent when staring at convoluted spreadsheets.

In addition, the storage of this data in a secure yet accessible cloud platform
simplifies the sharing of findings, encouraging easy collaboration across the organization.

Ultimately, this drives a better understanding of exactly what the data is
saying and can easily uncover hidden information that can make a real
difference to the business.

  • Quickly create and manipulate data visualizations to gain deeper understanding
  • Seamlessly upload, connect, and blend data in any form, from any available source
  • Easily share and communicate findings for better collaboration

Cloud That Works Intelligently

Today, most analytics platforms rely on human operators to interact
with them—with data preparation, analysis, and visualization all driven
by the user.

Oracle’s analytics, cloud-based platform flips that script, with the system taking on everything from ingesting and cleaning data to analyzing and presenting insights automatically. With machine learning capabilities built in, all analytics improve over time and learn from the data to make more-accurate predictions and deliver in-depth analysis of results.

See things clearly

Discover hidden insights in the data, and spot significant trends and anomalies earlier with rich, interactive analytics.

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  • Automatically visualize data by dragging and dropping attributes, charts, and graphs
  • Transform discussions with secure, dynamic collaboration
  • Improve decision-making and promote faster action
  • Answer questions quickly with online search and guided navigation
  • Empower everyone in the organization to uncover the value in data

Oracle Analytics Cloud

With Oracle Analytics Cloud, organizations can take advantage
of cloud-based data visualizations, predictive analytics, and machine learning
to uncover hidden business insights and new opportunities.

  • Collaborate easily.

    Rapidly collaborate on analytical data and share approved models with a
    wide audience using visual stories, what-if analysis, and embedded insights.

  • Embrace enterprise-class technology.

    Predict outcomes and create advanced calculations with the latest
    enterprise-class technology, including interactive dashboards, advanced
    analytics, and machine learning.

  • Enjoy greater flexibility.

    Scale resources to meet changing workloads, automate lifecycle management
    with reusable and repeatable processes, access insights from anywhere on
    any device, and quickly spin up environments to speed deployments.

  • Minimize complexity with simple self-service.

    Remove the boundaries to discovery with automated visual insights,
    a self-learning mobile application, intuitive, easy-to-use reporting tools,
    and self-service data preparation.

  • Accelerate the decision-making process.

    Process more data, use predictive analytics to make more-accurate
    projections, remove human error, and systematically improve the quality
    of insights with built-in machine learning capabilities.

Bring New Value to the Business

Data visualization with business reporting.

Find the insights that usually go unnoticed in business data with detailed, interactive
visuals. Rather than relying on traditional spreadsheets and written reports, craft data
stories that break out complex insights and ideas in ways that are easy to understand.

  • Upload data quickly and easily with a simple point and click
  • Drag and drop attributes, charts, and graphs to build the story
  • Save story snapshots, share with colleagues, and comment in real time
  • Explore reports intuitively with natural language queries
  • Expand the data’s capabilities with external and open-source visualizations

Data preparation.

Turn raw datasets into usable information in minutes—without using complex
preparation tools or specialized resources. Oracle Analytics Cloud
presents instant recommendations to help prepare and enrich data with ease.

  • Import, ingest, and clean structured and unstructured data from any source
  • Search the entire dataset using a single query
  • Automatically identify characteristics, categories, and metadata
    with domain recognition
  • Monitor everything across a single centralized dashboard
  • Enrich data with a single click using semantic profiling

Business scenario modeling.

Take complex financial modeling and turn it into easy-to-understand, fully visualize what-if scenarios.
Bring together available datasets from across the business and create multidimensional business models with a single click using Oracle Analytics Cloud’s advanced calculation engine.

  • Collate, harmonize, and manage datasets from disparate sources
  • Give detailed access to everyone that needs it—from technical experts to casual users
  • Upload spreadsheets in less than a minute, and start analyzing faster
  • Create new applications directly from Microsoft Excel


Oracle Analytics Cloud’s mobility capabilities help business leaders infuse every decision with powerful insights available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. A proactive, personalized smart feed delivers continual updated analysis to mobile devices throughout the day to ensure everyone has the most up-to-date information about the business.

  • Type or voice search queries for detailed analytic summaries
  • Set alerts for updates based on specific times, places, or contacts
  • Browse using context-aware questions generated through self-learning
  • Collaborate easily, with one-click sharing and options for public comments and private discussion
  • Store and analyze data offline for easy access
  • Enrich data with a single click using semantic profiling

Business Success Stories

Oracle's analytics solutions are already helping over 1,000 customers gain fresh insights and uncover new opportunities.

By consolidating its data on Oracle, then analyzing it with embedded analytics and Oracle Analytics Cloud, the NHS can drill down into billions of data points on the agency’s healthcare providers, their patients, and the effectiveness of prescriptions and treatments.

—Nina Monckton

Chief Insight Officer, The NHS Business Services Authority

At Toyota, cloud-based intelligent analytics have enabled the analysis of usage trends of the corporation’s ultrasmall mobility-sharing service, Ha:mo RIDE. Using data analytics and visualization, Ha:mo can detect patterns in scattered data to optimize the service’s effectiveness in connecting personal and public transportation.

Easy-to-use, self-service BI? Check. Curated, standardized data that scales? Check. All on the same platform? Double-check. No one can touch Oracle’s ability to deliver an end-to-end platform for data and analytics.

—Kevin McGinley

Owner and Co-Founder, Red Pill Analytics

What Your Future Could Look Like

With Oracle Analytics Cloud, you can simplify, connect, and scale your data processes to gain valuable business intelligence far faster than ever before.

You no longer need a huge array of different tools to handle all your data sources and outputs; everything is handled through a single centralized solution. Every insight is detailed, visualized, and updated continuously with the latest data from every corner of your business.

Let’s Talk About Your Data-Driven Future

It’s now easier than ever to get started with Oracle Cloud solutions—and with Oracle Analytics Cloud, you can turn your data into insights with unprecedented business value faster than ever before.

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