Explore the first and only mobile, digital-assistant-driven, responsive experience among enterprise HCM suites.

What Is the Mobile Challenge?

A unique bring-your-own-device mobile experience that allows you to see firsthand how all of the manager and employee self-service tasks can be performed on virtually any mobile device.

  • Grab your phone and start using the system in less than 10 seconds

  • Easily complete self-service tasks just as your employees would

Oracle HCM Cloud Delivers an Enjoyable Mobile Experience

  • Works on virtually any phone within seconds

  • No need to install, update, or configure any mobile app

  • No need for security wrappers or mobile device management (MDM)

  • Provides a consistent experience across all devices

More than97%+ satisfaction

among more than 2,000 HR professionals so far!

Engage Conversationally with the Digital Assistant on Any Device

  • No more hunting for links—just ask!

  • Game-changing ease of use

  • Available natively right on the page

  • Saves time and money with
    self-service transactions

Experience a Few Transactions!

Take the Mobile Challenge Today!

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