How Telcos Can Realise the Entertainment Opportunity

The Differentiation Dilemma

The time when telecoms operators could differentiate themselves just by quality of connectivity is over. Telcos need to go head-to-head with online service providers: differentiating themselves and expanding into adjacent markets, such as entertainment and financial services.

By combining connectivity with captivating content in one convenient package, operators will give consumers a compelling end-to-end experience.

How do you get there?

Strategic Options to Realising
the Entertainment Opportunity

1.Build Your Own Entertainment Offering

Buy sports rights and/or
establish your own production
unit staffed by people expert
in entertainment.


2.Partner with the Best Brands in Entertainment

Bundle your established
connectivity package with
online entertainment services
provided through partnership
with brands like Netflix
or Amazon.

3.Buy Entertainment Specialists

Buy companies in the entertainment
value chain that own desirable
content, have important expertise,
and/or specialise in new fields.


4.Become an Aggregator

Build an entertainment portal
that aggregates content from
a wide range of providers. Add
value by providing customers
with an intuitive interface and
personalised recommendations.


5.Provide Cost-Effective and Reliable Connectivity

Focus on ensuring your connectivity
is sufficiently cheap, fast, reliable,
and responsive to enable customers
to enjoy their preferred entertainment

It’s Time for Action

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