Top Three Reasons for Choosing Oracle Database Appliance vs. Do-it-Yourself Infrastructure

The traditional enterprise strategy of building, deploying, and maintaining x86 white box piece-part infrastructure is difficult to sustain. According to Wikibon Research, operational costs are too high and time to value is too long, placing digital transformation projects at risk.

Greater Business Value

Oracle Database Appliance increases business value with a hyperconverged, full-stack architecture that is optimized for fast deployment, easy management, and 24/7 availability for Oracle Database environments.

Graphics Prepare

4.8X faster time to value Seven days for Oracle Database Appliance vs. 34 days for DIY solutions.

Faster, quarterly updates help Oracle Database Appliance protect the business value of data, applications, and employees’ time 4X better than DIY solutions.

Oracle Database Appliance generates US$4.6 million more business value from faster time to update compared to DIY solutions.

DIY x86 Infrastructure Costs More

The infrastructure and operational cost benefits of Oracle Database Appliance increase with greater levels of integration.


The three-year TCO of DIY infrastructure is 57% higher than that of Oracle Database Appliance.

DIY infrastructure has up to 6.8X more operational support costs than Oracle Database Appliance.

Licensing and support of Oracle Database on DIY Infrastructure can be up to US$1 million more than on Oracle Database Appliance.

Lower IT Complexity

Oracle Database Appliance provides greater levels of integration which reduces the complexity, costs, and risks of system and database management.

Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Database automate two-thirds of the operational work that still has to be done in DIY systems.

Oracle Database Appliance makes it easier to shift Oracle Database and applications to the cloud by offering multiple, compatible deployment models across on premises and Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Database Appliance provides greater operational automation with a full-stack, high-availability system including easy backup to the Oracle Cloud.

Rethink Do-it-Yourself

Oracle Database Appliance is helping businesses and IT teams modernize their Oracle Database infrastructure with a full-stack, highly available, hyperconverged system architecture. It contains built-in operational automation, fast performance, and unique innovations to help enterprises manage costs and drive business transformation.