Oracle Exadata X8M Optimizes Converged Databases

Performance, speed, and efficiency in one.

Large organizations are under increasing pressure to manage complex supply chains and adhere to rigorous compliance—all while delivering a seamless, sophisticated customer experience.

To do this, they need systems that are fast, secure, and reliable—especially when it comes to managing business-critical data and generating real-time analytical insights.

Highly secure converged databases are needed to achieve this. They combine traditional row and columnar database access with spatial, graph, text, time series, and other data types on a single high-performance platform. This makes it easier for businesses to minimize database and IT complexity, for developers to create innovative solutions, and for everyone to operate with maximum efficiency.

What Is a Converged Database?

A converged database enables multiple different data types to be hosted in a single database system that provides security and availability along with standard interfaces. It enables the easy integration of these diverse data types and reduces the need to move large amounts of data across multiple systems in order to make analytical decisions.

Reducing complexity and development lock-in while enabling rapid time to market.

Why Do We Need Converged Data Processing?

What are the industry challenges?


Financial services need to:

  • Keep up with customers’ changing needs
  • Utilize multiple data types and sources
  • Adhere to costly, ever-changing compliance requirements

Industrial manufacturing

Industrial manufacturers need to:

  • Innovate quickly without compromising on quality
  • Operate efficiently with minimal downtime
  • Comply with sustainability standards

Public sector

Public sector organizations need to:

  • Manage increasingly complex infrastructure
  • Provide the right public services, quickly and conveniently
  • Manage costs carefully and maintain constituent confidentiality


Retailers need to:

  • Deliver personalized experiences to hyperconnected consumers
  • Monitor customers’ behavior and predict their needs
  • Track customer satisfaction and provide support


Communications businesses need to:

  • Differentiate customer experience to improve retention and acquisition
  • Rapidly process increasingly large amounts of multi-source data
  • Compete with data-driven OTT providers

Oracle Exadata and Converged Databases

What’s so different?

This combined solution gives businesses the speed and efficiency of Exadata X8M with the ability to handle all data models. Together, they enable secure, reliable delivery of insights and information at in-memory speeds.

Secure processing

  • Government-certified IT security at every layer
  • Single security model for all data types built on 40 years of development
  • Fraud detection

End-to-end encryption of converged data while at rest, in motion, and in data-protection environments

Insightful processing

  • Big data analysis to predict customer behavior
  • Easier integration of multiple data types for deeper insights
  • Generate consolidated reports, and quickly identify risks/opportunities

16 million SQL read IOPS 2.5x greater throughput for greater insights

Faster processing

  • Low-latency platform for ultra-fast transaction processing
  • Shorter development cycles with all database types and APIs converged together
  • Quicker queries to accelerate decision making

<19 microsecond SQL read latency 10x lower latency improves efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction

Intelligent processing

  • In-database machine learning to analyze massive amounts of data
  • Build ML models up to 10x faster by eliminating data movement
  • Analyze and prequalify data

560 GB per second of SQL analytics scan throughput enables deeper insights

Customer-focused processing

  • Big data analysis, AI, and machine learning create personalized offers and services
  • Distributed IoT processing enables real-time operational insights and control
  • Specialist smart city technologies to track and predict citizens’ needs

21 TB of persistent memory accelerates transactions and improves insights

Consolidated processing

  • Process higher volumes of transactions from more connected devices
  • Reduce the number of database servers and storage systems
  • Decrease power consumption using recycled components

12 years’ experience with state-of-the-art cloud architecture and flash memory technology

Connected processing

  • 100% compatible edge and core deployments
  • Big data and business intelligence for enterprise-side visibility and accuracy
  • Track logistic, quality, amount, damages, and efficient delivery routes

10+ years experience building scalable and secure data platforms

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