Six Key Elements
of a Powerful
Analytics Solution

Data from Everywhere and Any Device

Oracle Analytics Cloud captures data from varied devices, and multiple formats.

We produce2.5 billion
gigabytes of data each and every day.1

By 2020,

the Internet of Things is expected to connect 200 billion devices.2

of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud.3

Data Preparation and Enrichment

Oracle Analytics Cloud uses machine learning to enhance, enrich, and analyze all data—no coding required.


of enterprises are concerned they will face disruption from competitors using advanced analytics more effectively to guide business decisions.4

Augmented Analytics for Improved Decisions

Oracle Analytics Cloud drives decisions with automated visualization recommendations, embedded with machine learning.

35%of organizations say machine learning has helped accelerate data analysis and speed of insight.5

66%of analytics processes will no longer simply discover what happened and why; they’ll also prescribe what should be done.6

by 2021,

Business Scenario Modeling

Oracle Analytics Cloud includes the industry-leading business-modeling engine for self-service, multidimensional, “what if” analysis.

By 2020, users of modern business-intelligence and analytics platforms (differentiated by augmented capabilities)

will grow at twice the rate.

The result?

Business value will increase 7

Powerful Mobile Solutions

Oracle Analytics Cloud delivers personalized data-driven insights at the right time, in the right place, on any mobile device.

By 2020, half

of analytics queries will be generated using search, natural-language query or voice, or will be autogenerated.8

And by 2020, over


of consumer mobile interactions will be in contextualized, hyperpersonal experiences based on past and current real-time behavior.9

Enterprise Reporting

Oracle Analytics Cloud offers enterprise-grade reporting, governance, and security.

But in 2018,
27%planned to invest in cybersecurity features that use AI and machine learning.11

97% of organizations are investing in data analytics, big data, and AI projects to manage growing data volumes.10

Analytic Insights Drive Business Growth

Ensure your analytics solutions has these six key elements to prepare your business for the future.

Learn how Oracle Analytics Cloud combines all these and more—uncover what drives business success and discover hidden insights to make impactful decisions that grow the business.

Oracle Analytics Cloud—Analytics Reinvented