Clarifying with Type and Space

Typography is fundamental to our brand identity. Consistent use of Oracle official typefaces unifies and strengthens our global communications.

Primary Typeface: Univers

Univers LT Std is the primary Oracle typeface. It is used across marketing communication, event promotion, release activation, and much more.

Every agency or internal creative group doing creative work for Oracle is responsible for maintaining their own licenses for the official typefaces. No substitutions are allowed, even an alternate "cut" of Univers from a different foundry. See a reference for Univers LT Std here.

Univers LT Std: Specimens

Supplemental Typefaces

There are specific use cases when Univers LT Std is not, or cannot, be used. Oracle uses three complementary typefaces for these scenarios.

Garamond 3 LT Std

Used exclusively in business cards and letterhead to offset corporate information. When unavailable, Times New Roman is the approved replacement.

See a reference for Garamond 3 LT Std here.


Used exclusively in PowerPoint.


Used in Microsoft Word and online applications.