The strength of a modern brand

Enterprises around the world use Oracle to accelerate and transform their core business. Oracle is a peerless technology brand built to connect with our customers through clear voice, modern design, and engaging digital communities. This site provides the strategy and guidance to activate the Oracle brand across any medium or channel. Welcome.

Brand Behaviors

The Oracle brand is built upon a consistent set of brand behaviors. These are our measuring stick for all communication.

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  • Simple

    Even as Oracle grows and our portfolio solves evermore-sophisticated customer challenges, we must remove the complexity from our value proposition.

  • Authentic

    Oracle must be true to our market-leading position and deep expertise, communicating with a direct, accessible, truthful voice.

  • Adaptive

    Market trends shift constantly, and the Oracle brand must embrace modernity without trendiness. Not just keeping pace with cutting edge, but defining it.

  • Engaging

    Oracle is committed to responsive dialog that respects the savviness and experience of our audience who come to the table prepared for a real conversation.

  • Knowledgeable

    Decades of partnering with the largest organizations in the world across a range of industries empowers Oracle to confidently share our insights and recommendations.

  • Relevant

    The Oracle brand must be relatable and timely, reflecting today’s nomenclature and visual cues of our customers' industry, role, and aspirations.

Key Brand Elements


How and where to stage the Oracle Red Badge and the Oracle Signature.

Voice and Tone

Dive into our richly updated voice and tone guidelines.


Responsive, of course, but always built to tell a great narrative.


Explore Oracle's refined and expanded palette.

Brand Pop Quiz

According to Interbrand's Best Brands report, what is the value of the Oracle Brand?

Not quite.

But this is the number of customers that partner with Oracle for their business technology needs.


And we’re ranked #17 globally. In fact, we’re the only B2B company in the top 20.

We’ll get there!

Just as impressively, this is Oracle’s annual revenue for fiscal 2016.

A huge number, but deservedly so.

This is the estimated market opportunity for cloud computing by 2020.

Check out Interbrand’s 2016 Best Global Brands report.