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2017 Oracle Federal Forum

Oracle is committed to promoting a corporate culture that is centered on integrity, accountability and ethical business conduct. By accepting the complimentary event invitation, you represent that your acceptance of the event invitation and associated gifts and/or benefits to you are: (1) permissible under your employer’s internal policies; (2) permissible under the laws of your home country and any other law relevant to your employer; and (3) known to and approved by your employer’s management. Oracle reserves the right to limit attendance accordingly and pursuant to Oracle policy.

Items available without charge at this event are a breakfast snack/continental breakfast, lunch, and non-alcoholic refreshments and light snacks throughout the day and during the reception at the conclusion of the event. The items are valued as follows: Breakfast snack/continental breakfast at $32.00, Lunch at $20.00, and non alcoholic refreshments & snacks at $57.00 for a total of $109.00 per person. We are pleased to accept payment for any portion of this event to facilitate compliance with applicable gift and ethics requirements.

Please contact Oracle Event Compliance Office at with any questions or concerns about this disclosure.
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