Oracle NetSuite to Salesforce Connector

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Let's discover how Salesforce is automatically synchronized with NetSuite for immediate visibility into contact, opportunity, and order data for:

  • Faster time to cash
  • Better operational efficiency
  • Reduced duplicate data entry errors
  • Improved compliance and reporting accuracy
  • Flexible support for custom fields
  • Extensible to other applications with Oracle Integration
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Key differentiators:

Why Oracle NetSuite for Integration?

#1 Better data security: Eliminate concerns associated with third-party integration providers that pull your data outside the Salesforce-NetSuite ecosystem

Salesforce sales rep
Salesforce app
NetSuite finance rep
NetSuite app

I’ll demonstrate how this connector pushes all necessary NetSuite data into Salesforce instead of having to wait for email or phone replies from my finance manager.

And it’s bi-directional. Changes in either Salesforce or NetSuite are instantly updated in the other application.

Great, let’s go! Try it for yourself by selecting “Continue”.

We have a new “Opportunity” in Salesforce. Let’s see how it advances, and how data flows to NetSuite and back to Salesforce.

Click “New”

Type in any Opportunity Name you like “(For example: 5G Bundle).”

Then hit “Enter” to confirm

New Customer
Phone Inquiry
Value Proposition
New Customer
Phone Inquiry

Click “Save”

And now the magic starts.

Set Opportunity to “Closed”

Click “Select Closed Stage”

And now the integration kicks in


Let’s see more information

Salesforce app:

All relevant Salesforce opportunity data has been sent to NetSuite, and NetSuite sales order data has also been pushed back into Salesforce.

Let’s see how the Salesforce opportunity was converted into a NetSuite order by switching over to NetSuite.

Click NetSuite tab

The “Reminder” to the left shows there’s an order to approve.

Click Search to find it

Select order to locate

Here we see the order pricing and details.


Next, let’s see more Salesforce information automatically pulled into NetSuite.

NetSuite app:

Now finance professionals can easily speak sales rep language with Salesforce Opportunity and Order IDs in NetSuite, eliminating emails and phone calls.

Open Activities tab

The Connector has conveniently imported the quote PDF from Salesforce into NetSuite, so finance teams can access them directly.

Now, let’s fulfill the order


NetSuite app:

Behind the scenes, the Connector pushed NetSuite data to Salesforce, so sales reps no longer need to request status updates.


Let’s bill the customer

Then, accept the payment


The Connector supports both “Partial” and “Complete” payments.

Let’s complete the payment

Click Order 00000301 to see details


All the NetSuite order details are right here in Salesforce.


And here we see from inside Salesforce that NetSuite set the Transaction Status to “Paid In Full.”


What’s next?

You’ve seen how Oracle NetSuite to Salesforce Connector automatically synchronizes Salesforce with NetSuite. Now, experience these Key Differentiators for yourself and discover what’s next:

#1 Better data security: Eliminate concerns associated with third-party integration providers that pull your data outside the Salesforce-NetSuite ecosystem

#2 Trusted NetSuite experts: Built by Oracle NetSuite—no one knows NetSuite better than we do

#3 Gartner iPaaS Leader: Oracle NetSuite is a consistent leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for integration platform as a service

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