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There are two types of Export:

Prepared Export

A Prepared Export is a saved configuration for outputting Staged Data or Results Books to a Data Store, either to a table in a database, or to a file.

Staged Data Export

A Staged Data Export can map Staged Data attributes to the attributes in an external database table or file, or it can auto-create the target database table or file when it runs. You can define whether data should be appended to the table, whether the data should be overwritten, or whether to replace only target records with a matching primary key in the staged data set.

Exports are defined separately from Writers in processes to allow more flexibility. For example, it is possible to use two Exports to export the same set of Staged Data to different targets. It is also possible to use a different set of attribute names in OEDQ to those used in an external database or file.

Results Book Export

A Results Book Export can either auto-create the target database table or file when it runs, or replace an existing table or file with the same name. Where the table or file already exists the data will be overwritten.

Running a Prepared Export

A Prepared Export can be run in two ways:

Note: Data does not need to be staged in the OEDQ repository when running a staged data export as part of a job. If you include the export task within your job, but disable the staged data in the job definition, the output data will be 'streamed' directly into the Export target.

Ad-hoc Export

 The Ad-hoc export enables a one-off export of data in the Results Browser to an Excel file. The export may be of a selection of data, or where no data is selected, the export will be of all the results viewable in the current Results Browser tab.

 The 'Export all tabs to Excel' button enables an ad-hoc export of all tabs in the Results Browser. Each Results Browser tab will be written to a worksheet in the Excel file.

The ad-hoc export is subject to user-definable preferences (Edit menu, Preferences) to define:

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