Device Support on Oracle Solaris

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Last Updated: 2015-09-24

If the following table does not list your device, but the table does list a similar device, try driving your device with the driver for the similar device. See Assigning a New Device to an Existing Driver in the Oracle Solaris OS for instructions.

Also check out the Third-party Oracle Solaris Device Driver Reference List - a reference list of third-party device drivers for Oracle Solaris.

For additional Oracle and third-party drivers and devices for the Oracle Solaris OS, see the following resources:

To add a driver to an install image file for easy propagation to multiple systems, see Adding Device Drivers to the New Boot Install Image in Oracle Solaris 10.


Oracle Solaris Device Support Table

Key to Device Support Table
Look up your device's PCI ID on SourceForge or PCIDatabase.
The name of the driver for this device in the Oracle Solaris OS. For more information about these drivers, see man pages section 7: Device and Network Interfaces or enter the following at the command line:

# man driver_name

To assign a different driver to this device, see Assigning a New Device to an Existing Driver in the Oracle Solaris OS.
The device manufacturer.
The vendor's product name.
Select Release:     Select Device Type:

Select from the pulldowns the release and the type of driver you would like to see.

Last Updated: 2015-09-24