Oracle JET Mobile Development

Oracle JET includes support for developing mobile applications that run on Android, iOS and Windows 10 mobile devices, using Apache Cordova.

Cordova enables you to use web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to develop applications that you can deploy to mobile devices. Such apps are called hybrid mobile apps due to the combination of web technologies and native code.

Command line tooling

The Oracle JET command line tooling (@oracle/ojet-cli) provides commands for scaffolding a hybrid mobile app using mobile-specific starter templates and building or serving the app to Android, iOS and Windows devices and emulators. You can even deploy your app to the browser for the most convenient way to test and debug your app.

Alta mobile themes

Oracle JET automatically applies the appropriate native-looking alta theme when you build or serve to a mobile platform, or you can use a custom theme that is applied across all platforms. Oracle JET components are designed to function well in both web and hybrid mobile apps and the Cookbook allows you to see how each components looks and feels across all supported platforms and a number of different form factors.

Native device access

Oracle JET apps use Cordova plugins to access the native capabilities of the mobile devices on which your app is installed. A plugin provides a JavaScript interface to native components, which can be invoked within the app's JavaScript code. You can search through the thousands of plugins developed by the Cordova community on the Cordova Plugins search page. A curated list of plugins that have been successfully used in the verification testing of Oracle JET sample or demo apps can be found here.

Getting started

To get started developing hybrid mobile apps with Oracle JET, you must install the Cordova command-line interface and platform SDKs for Android, iOS or Windows, as appropriate.

Refer to the Oracle JET Developer Guide for information on getting started with Oracle JET hybrid mobile app development.