How do you want to code!

Select the role that best describes you and we'll suggest the best way to get started learning about Oracle JET.
image representing a visual developer
Visual Development
"I am a visual developer. I prefer to use a graphical development environment where I can drag and drop components on to a design space, and then set properties on components. I may do some coding when it is needed."
image representing a command line developer
Command Line Tooling
"I am a coder. I specialize in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 application development. I am familiar with Nodejs, NPM, and prefer to write code directly in my favorite editor. Using command line tools for generating and building my application is my comfort zone."
image representing an experimenting developer
jsFiddle Playground
"I am looking to see what JET code looks like. I don't want to install anything, but would rather make changes to an existing environment and see how things behave and look."
Visual Developer
"Oracle Visual Builder is a cloud service provided by Oracle for developing and hosting JET based applications."
  • Develop Oracle JET applications even faster with a visual development platform - Oracle Visual Builder
  • Create web and on-device mobile apps with a browser based IDE
  • Simplify development through WYSIWYG visual page layout, component palettes, and property inspector
  • Enhance your application flexibility with direct access to your Oracle JET code
  • Create new business objects and integrate with external REST services in a declarative way
  • Extend the platform with Oracle JET Composite Components
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image representing a web developer
Command Line Tooling
"I'm a client side developer. I specialize in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 application development."

Installing and creating your first Oracle JET app is as simple as 1-2-3

  1. npm install -g @oracle/ojet-cli
  2. ojet create <app name> --template=navdrawer||navbar||basic||blank
  3. cd <app name>
  4. ojet serve

Want to develop for Mobile as well? Install your modile SDK (Android, iOS, Windows), then:

  1. npm install -g cordova
  2. ojet add hybrid
  3. ojet serve android||ios||windows
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image representing a web developer
jsFiddle playground
"I want to see what JET code looks like and play around with it a little bit."
  • Take a look at JET in an existing environment
  • Make small changes to HTML, JavaScript, and/or CSS and immediately see the results
  • No need to install anything. Code and go.
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