JET v6.2.0 Release Notes

25 March 2019

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These release notes cover the following topics:

Things you need to know first

  • This release of Oracle JET is primarily a bug fix release. I should be drop-in compatible with any previous 6.x release. See the Migration Chapter of the Developers Guide for update information.

  • If you are new to JET, you will find the custom element syntax intuitive and natural to use when working in your HTML code. Visit the Learn page of the JET website for more information about getting started with JET development.

  • [REMINDER] Removal of direct Yeoman and Grunt usage. As a continued effort toward abstraction of direct library calls in the JET CLI, the direct use of yeoman and grunt will be removed in the JET v7.0.0 release. A new hooks API was introduced in JET v5.0.0 to allow for customization of tasks, and project templates will be supported via the current process of creating custom starter templates that can be referenced as part of the CLI --template=<"url" | "name"> argument.

New Features included in v6.2.0

New UI Components

There are no new UI components in this release.

Significant JET changes since 6.1.0

This section lists significant consumer-facing changes that have been made to JET since v6.1.0. Where bugs or ERs were used to track the change, they are included below. The following list does not include changes that are internal implementations, or changes made to samples, demos, or test collateral. It is expected that application code will not need to be modified to uptake v6.2.0.

Component Changes

Deprecation of 'as' property for all components

All components that support template slots, including oj-bind-for-each and oj-bind-template-slot are deprecating their 'as' properties in favor of directly setting the alias on the template element via the 'data-oj-as' attribute instead.

oj-menu new close() method

The menu component has added a close() method to programmatically close the menu.

oj-chart's data-label context

The DataLabelContext now also has a dimensions property, which is the height and width of the data item the data label belongs to. This will only be set for bar series types.

API Changes

Validators' validate method

In this release, the validate() method's return value has been deprecated in favor of returning nothing. In v8.0 we will change all validate() implementations to return nothing. Please check your code to make sure this change will not adversely affect you.

Theme Changes

[REMINDER] Experimental: CSS Variables

In JET 7.0 we will be deprecating using sass for theming and moving to CSS custom properties, aka CSS Variables. We will still provide a way to preprocess the CSS variables away in order to support IE11. In 6.0.0 we provided the following so that customers can learn more, keep in mind everything to do with CSS Variables is experimental and there will likely be changes.

  • Directory named pcss with files, this is a sibling of the scss directory we provide for sass files
  • CSS file that uses css variables. These experimental files are with the other out of the box css files JET provides but the file name ends with -cssvars.css, for example code/css/libs/oj/v6.0.0/alta/oj-alta-cssvars.css.
  • In the cookbook there is a switch in the settings dialog to use the css variable version of the css file described above, click the gear icon in the demo toolbar to open the settings dialog.
  • There is a css variable version of theme builder, though it cannot yet be used to build a theme on the client. Go to the 'Learn' tab on the JET website and look for 'CSS Var Theme Builder'.

Framework Changes

ojexpressionutils added to ojcorebundle

The ojexpressionutils module is now a part of the ojcorebundle.

[REMINDER] oj.js Support Deprecated

As of JET 6.0.0, any support for the concatentated JET code library oj.js is deprecated. This file will be removed completely by JET 8.0.0.

Library Changes

No new libraries added or updated in minor releases.

Tooling Changes

[REMINDER] Removing yeoman and grunt

generator-oraclejet and ojet-cli will remove their support and use of yeoman and grunt in the 7.0.0 release. The ojet CLI will be the only way to use the JET Tooling from that point on.

Known Issues

The following table calls out specific known issues, with workarounds where available.

Category Bug # Description Workaround (if available)
iOS N/A JET hybrid mobile apps created using an earlier JET release may have additional spacing at the top of the page when deployed to iOS 11 devices.
Change the viewport meta tag in index.html to the following:
<meta name="viewport" content="viewport-fit=cover, width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, minimum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no"/>
iOS ios-sim 210 ios-sim version 5.1.0 may be installed locally by cordova-ios and serving the app to iOS simulator reports:
"Error: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined"
cd hybrid/platforms/ios/cordova; npm install ios-sim@latest
iOS ios-deploy 275 Deployment to iOS device succeeds, but the app fails to launch and an error is reported in the terminal.
Upgrade to the latest version of ios-deploy (sudo npm install -g ios-deploy) and use a developer signing identity. Otherwise, launch the app manually on the device.
npm npm 16901 npm version 5 does not install the oraclejet module when scaffolding a JET hybrid app and building the app reports:
Warning: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'node_modules/oraclejet/package.json' Use --force to continue
[sudo] npm install -g npm@latest-4