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section 0Before You Begin

This tutorial demonstrates how to sign in to the Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud console for the first time, create a user, and copy client credentials. This tutorial takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.


Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud is a fully managed Database Cloud service that offers low latency, flexible, scalable, high performance, and reliable data stores for document, key-value, and table data models.  As it is fully managed by Oracle, it is easy to start using the service in a matter of minutes. Developers get to focus on their application development and data store requirements without dealing with the complexity of maintaining a data center or having to purchase servers, storage or networks.

Unlike other Oracle Cloud services, you do not create an instance to get started with the Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud service. If you are the account administrator or application administrator of your Oracle Cloud subscription, you get started with the Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud service by signing in to Cloud console, creating a new user, and copying client credentials to connect your application to the service.

What Do You Need?

  • Subscription to Oracle Cloud

section 1Activate Your Order from Your Welcome Email

When you purchase an Oracle Cloud service, you will receive a welcome email from Oracle Cloud, with you designated as an activator of the services. Perform the following steps to activate your Oracle Cloud service:

  1. Open the email you received from Oracle Cloud and review the information about your service.
  2. Click Activate My Services.
    Activate order email
    Description of the illustration activate_order
  3. In the My Account page, fill out the details to sign up for your new Oracle Cloud Account.
    • For Cloud Account Name, insert a new account name which will be used to identify your Cloud Account.
    • For Administrator Details,  provide Cloud Account Administrator details, such as, the email, user name, first name, and last name. The person you specify here will be both a Cloud Account Administrator and a Service Administrator and can create other users as required. This person will manage and monitor services in the specified Cloud Account.
    • Click Activate Account.
    Activate My Services UI
    Description of the illustration activate_account_ui
  4. After Oracle Cloud successfully activates your account, you’ll receive another email with your login credentials. Use this information to sign in to your account. Click Get Started with Oracle Cloud >.
    Get started with Cloud services email
    Description of the illustration second_email
  5. When you first sign in to your Oracle Cloud Account, you are prompted to change your password. Change your password and re-login to Oracle Cloud with the new password.
    Sign In to Cloud
    Description of the illustration sign_in_to_cloud
  6. The Oracle Cloud My Services page opens up for you.
    Cloud My Services page
    Description of the illustration cloud_my_services

section 2Create a User in Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud

  1. To create a user in Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud, from the Oracle Cloud My Services page, click  Navigation icon and then click Users.
    Users page
    Description of the illustration users_tab
  2. In the User Management page, click Add to add a new user.
    to add a new user
    Description of the illustration add_user
  3. In the User Details page, provide the user information and work information. Click Next >.
    provide user information
    Description of the illustration user_info
  4. In the Service Access page, grant an entitlement-level role to the user. The following roles can be granted:

    • ANDC_FullAccessRole: This role provides a complete access to all Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud tables. The user can:
      • Create, alter, and drop any table within the entitlement
      • Read and write records to any table within the entitlement
      • Create, alter, and drop indexes in any table within the entitlement
    • ANDC_ReadOnlyRole: This role provides read access to all
      Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud tables that are created as part of the entitlement.
    • ANDC_ReadWriteRole: This role provides read and write access to all
      Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud tables that are created as part of the entitlement.
    grant roles to service entitlements
    Description of the illustration grant_roles
    Note: If you are signing in to the Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud for the first time, you will not have any Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud tables created in your entitlement. After creating one or more Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud tables, you will be able to assign table level privileges to a user, using the same page.
  5. Click Finish. The new is created in the User Management page. 
    a new user is created
    Description of the illustration user_created

section 3Access Client Credentials

To connect your application to Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud, you should obtain your credentials such as the client id, client secret, and the entitlement ID from the Identity Domain Cloud Service (IDCS) console. Once you have accessed the credentials, you will be able to pass the credentials to your application and create tables in Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud. Perform the following steps:

  1. In the User Management page, click Identity Console to navigate to the Oracle Identity Cloud Services page.
    IDCS page
    Description of the illustration idcs_page
  2. In the Oracle Identity Cloud Services page, click  navigation icon  and then click Applications.
    Applications page
    Description of the illustration applications_page
  3. The Applications page lists the Oracle Cloud services. Click ANDC (Autonomous NoSQL Database Cloud).
    ANDC application
    Description of the illustration andc_app
  4. In the ANDC page, click the Configuration tab and expand General Information. Credentials such as the Client ID and Client Secret are visible to you. Click Show Secret. A pop-up dialog box appears displaying the Client Secret. Copy these credentials to a new text file in your text editor.
    client credentials
    Description of the illustration client_cred
  5. In the same page, expand Resources. You will see a the entitlement ID displayed in the Primary Audience text box, along with other values. Copy only the entitlement ID value (highlighted in blue). Paste the value into the same text file.
    accesss Entitlement ID
    Description of the illustration entitlement_id
  6. Next, copy the IDCS URL from the browser’s address bar. Copy up to https:/ as highlighted on the screen. Paste the URL to the same text file where you have the other values.
    Description of the illustration [idcs_url]
    You can now use these credentials to connect to the Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud.

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