Oracle by Example brandingGet Started with EPM Cloud

section 0About This Guide

This guide lists resources that can help you get up to speed with EPM Cloud. You can read documentation or view videos at the Help Center, share ideas or participate in discussions at Oracle Cloud Customer Connect, or attend training offered by Oracle University.

Planning is used as the example. Steps to access resources for other EPM Cloud business processes are similar.

section 1Documentation

Whether you are new to Oracle or an advanced user, Help Center is where you can find useful information about EPM Cloud Planning with guides, videos, learning paths, and content for advanced use cases.

  1. To access documentation, navigate to:
    Oracle Help Center - Get Started Page
  2. To view the latest release information on EPM Cloud Planning, click Review new incremental features in the Learn What's New in Your Update section.
    What's New
  3. The Navigation pane on the left hand side offers links to quickly access various resources grouped by task and/or media.
    Navigation Pane
    To search for a specific topic, enter the criteria in the Search text box (for example, "smart view") and click the Search icon .
    Search Oracle EPM Planning
    Click on a title in the search results list to view the topic.
    Search Results

section 2Videos

Videos enable you to get onboard quickly by providing an engaging learning experience. Video overviews communicate the product highlights, and video tutorials demonstrate procedures and tasks.

  1. To access videos, navigate to:
    EPM CLoud Planning - Video Tab Page
  2. Videos are grouped by category. Select a category (for example, Configure) to view its videos. To watch the video, click its thumbnail.
    Video Categories

section 3Customer Connect

Oracle Cloud Customer Connect is a community gathering place for members to interact and collaborate on common goals and objectives. This is where you can view ideas that could contribute to product roadmaps, subscribe to upcoming events and view replays of past events, receive answers to use-case questions specific to the product, and much more.

To access this resource you need an Oracle account and a Cloud Customer Connect account. Both are free.

  1. To access Customer Connect, navigate to:
    Oracle Cloud Customer Connect Home Page
  2. Forums enable you to ask questions, connect with experts, or share your thoughts on key topics.
    To access forums, select Forums > Enterprise Resource Planning > Enterprise Performance Management > Planning.

  3. View Forum posts regarding product questions, announcements, and more. Search posts by keywords, author, or date. Post a topic, add to Favorites, subscribe to the forum.
    Planning Forum

section 4Oracle University

Oracle University offers two training formats, Learning Subscription and Instructor Led Training, to build your EPM Cloud Planning skills.

Oracle University training offerings may not be available for all EPM Cloud business processes.

  1. To access available training and certification for EPM Cloud Planning, navigate to:
    OU training for Planning
  2. Planning Subscription is part of Oracle EPM Cloud Learning Subscription. To subscribe, click Oracle EPM Cloud Learning Subscription.
    Oracle EPM Learning Subscription
  3. To register for an instructor led course, click Enterprose Planning and Budgeting Cloud: Manage Financials.