Oracle by Example brandingCreate a Connection to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

section 0Before You Begin

This 10-minute tutorial shows you how to create a connection to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.


As an administrator, you create a connection to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse that enables other users to access data sources and to create data sets for their Oracle Data Visualization projects.

Before creating a connection, you must download a client credentials zip file for the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse instance. The file contains security-related files, including a wallet file with certificates for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communication between Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud. SSL is the only type of connection allowed to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

What Do You Need?

  • Access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Access to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Access to Oracle Analytics Cloud

section 1Download the Credentials File

  1. Sign in to your Oracle Cloud instance using your URL.
  2. On the Oracle Cloud My Services page, click Navigation Navigation menu icon. Expand Services, and select Autonomous Data Warehouse.
  3. Click your Autonomous Data Warehouse region, for example, North America Autonomous Data Warehouse or EMEA Autonomous Data Warehouse.
  4. In the Autonomous Data Warehouse page, click the instance to use for your connection.
  5. In the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse instance, click DB Connection.
  6. In Database Connection, under Download Client Credentials (Wallet), click Download.
  7. In Download Wallet, enter a Password to secure the client credentials file. In Confirm Password, enter the same password, and then click Download.

    Some database clients require that you provide both the wallet and the password to connect to your database, and other clients auto-login using the wallet without a password.

  8. In Opening Wallet, click Save, and then click OK.

    The client credentials wallet zip file is saved to your default downloads location.

section 2Create the Autonomous Data Warehouse Connection

  1. Sign in to Oracle Analytics Cloud.
  2. On the Home page, click Connect to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.
  3. In Create Connection, enter a Connection Name, for example, MyADW_connection.
  4. In Description, enter a brief description.
  5. Click Select next to Client Credentials. In File Upload, select the wallet zip file from your download location.

    The Client Credentials field is populated with cwallet.sso, and the Service Name field contains a value.

  6. Enter your Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Username and Password.
  7. From the Service list, select the service for your data, and then click Save.

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