Installing cURL on Cygwin on Windows


Before You Begin


This tutorial shows you how to install Cygwin with the cURL package on Windows.

Time to Complete

Approximately 10 minutes

What Do You Need?
  • Cygwin 1.7.35 or later

Installing Cygwin with cURL

  1. On the Windows system where you want to install Cygwin with cURL, download and run the Cygwin installer:

2. Follow the prompts in the Cygwin Setup wizard.
You can leave most settings at their default values. Pay specific attention to the following:
  • In the Choose A Download Source screen, select "Install from Internet".
  • In the Select Your Internet Connection screen, choose the appropriate type depending on the Internet connection you are currently using. For example, if you connect via your company's proxy server, either select the IE5 method or specify the proxy.
  • In the Choose a download site screen, choose a site from the list, or add your own sites to the list.
  • The Select Packages screen displays a list of all the available packages and lets you select those you want to install. By default, only the packages in the "Base" category are marked for installation. The "Base" category does not include tools like cURL. You should select those explicitly.
    • By default, the packages are grouped by category. Click the View button to toggle to the Full view.
    • Make sure that the Curr radio button remains selected. This ensures that only the most stable version (rather than an experimental version) is selected for each package.
    • In the Search field, type "curl". The curl-related packages are displayed.
    • Select all the curl packages by clicking the "Skip" button for each package once. Note how the "Skip" label changes to show the version number of the selected package. At this point, the Select Packages screen should look like the following example:

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    • Click Next through the rest of the wizard. The selected packages are downloaded and installed. This may take a while if you have a slow Internet connection.
    • In the Installation Status and Create Icons screen, click Finish.

Starting Cygwin

  1. Go to the directory in which you installed Cygwin (default: C:\cygwin64).

  2. Double-click Cygwin.bat. A terminal window opens, like the following example:
  3. Description of this image

  4. Verify that cURL was installed, by running the command, "curl". You should see the following output:

curl: try 'curl --help' or 'curl --manual' for more information
You can now start using cURL to send HTTP requests.

Tip: Don't delete the setup*-exe file. Move it to C:\cygwin64 folder. You can use it at any time in the future to update your Cygwin installation, with new/updated packages for example.

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