Using Oracle OLAP With Oracle BI Enterprise Edition 10g Release 3

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition 10g, Release 3 (BI EE 10g ) delivers significant new product enhancements to further enable enterprise-wide BI, including integration with Oracle OLAP. In this release, Oracle's native multidimensional data model -- the analytic workspace (AW) -- is made accessible to BI EE 10g by creating the required metadata in Oracle BI Administration Tool. The AW data is exposed to the BI EE 10g product stack, and the OLAP engine is leveraged for analysis of that data.

Access of Oracle OLAP data is enabled by performing a 3-step process. Each step in the process is covered by a lesson in this section of the Oracle by Example series. You learn how to: prepare an AW for access by BI EE 10g; create the required metadata using Oracle BI Adminstration Tool; and create analytic reports of AW data using Oracle BI Answers.

These lessons are designed for completion in the order that is shown below. Each subsequent lesson depends on the completion of the previous lesson. Click on any of the links below to begin.

Lesson 1: Preparing an Analytic Workspace for Access by Oracle BI EE 10g

Lesson 2: Creating BI EE 10g Metadata for the Analytic Workspace