Displaying Duplicate Member Names in Oracle Hyperion Smart View, Fusion Edition Release 11.1.2

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This tutorial shows you how to display duplicate member names in Smart View.

Time to Complete

Approximately 20 minutes.


Essbase enables duplicate member names to be included in cube outlines and displayed by Smart View users in reports, providing a higher degree of realism in spreadsheet analysis. This tutorial shows you how to display the fully-qualified member names in Smart View.


The Bigcorp Sales cube contains duplicate member names in the Customer dimension, where the same company name may be represented in both the OEM and Retail channels. As a Smart View user, you would like to know how to display the fully qualified company name for a company belonging to both of these channels. In addition, you would like to know how you can enable Smart View to display the qualified names of all duplicate members in the Sales cube.

Software and Hardware Requirements

The following is a list of software requirements:


Before starting this tutorial, you should:


Have access to or have installed Smart View.


Have access to an Essbase database that contains duplicate names.


Create a Smart View report that includes duplicate names.


Have an active connection to your Essbase database from your Smart View report.


In Smart View options, ensure that your member name display is Member Name Only.

Displaying a Qualified Member Name

To display the qualified name of a single member, perform the following steps:


Select a cell containing a member name.



Right-click the member name and select Smart View, and then View Qualified Name.

The qualified member name is displayed in a dialog box.


Click OK to return to your report.


Displaying Qualified Names for All Duplicate Members

To display the qualified names for all duplicate members in a report, perform the following steps:


Select Smart View, then Options, and then Member Options.

The Options dialog box is displayed.



In the General section, in the drop-down list for Member Name Display, select Distinct Member Name Only.

The Member Name Display option is set to Distinct Member Name Only.


Click OK to return to your report.

Note: Changes to display options are applied when you refresh your report.



On the Smart View toolbar, click Refresh.



Qualified names are displayed for all duplicate members in your report.



In this tutorial, you have learned how to:


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