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Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Offers Cloud Service

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Offers provides personalized, dynamic, and continuously adaptive offers across B2C marketing and commerce platforms. It delivers the product recommendations and promotions through e-commerce storefronts and marketing channels.

Multichannel Insights

Monitor the flow of consumer responses from different channels, such as commerce widgets and marketing emails, in a single Sankey diagram. Use the diagram to view the performance of recommendations sent to consumers within a specified data range. The responses displayed include clicks, add-to-carts, and purchases that occurred within 48 hours after recommendations.

Personalized Search for Oracle Commerce Cloud

Use the search integration in Oracle Commerce Cloud to refine search results to promote personalized product recommendations that are relevant to the shopper’s search query. Using the adaptive intelligent decision science, any records that are included in both the adaptive intelligent recommendations and the search results are added to the top of results lists in Oracle Commerce Cloud.

Multisite Connection Support

For multiple commerce storefronts, enable one or more sites for adaptive intelligent recommendations using a single data model that supports site-specific catalogs. You can use any of your widgets on all the sites that you enable.


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