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08 MAR 2017

Enhancement to Applying Discounts for a Promotion

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21 FEB 2017

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Oracle Commerce Cloud

The 17.1 release of Oracle Commerce Cloud includes substantive improvements and changes to the following areas of the product:

What follows is a brief summary. For more details about each feature and improvement, please review the What’s New 17.1 Release document and the official Oracle Commerce Cloud documentation in the Oracle Cloud Help Center.

Major New Features

The major new features released in the Oracle Commerce Cloud 17.1 release include:

B2B Commerce: Scheduled/Recurring Orders

Allows B2C or B2B sites to allow shoppers, when placing an order, to schedule the order for automatic reordering. Allows the shopper to schedule flexible interval selections and suspend/resume scheduled orders as needed. Currently available only to orders placed with a deferred payment method (e.g. invoice).

B2B Commerce: Roles at Accounts (Admin)

Assigns the ability for specific contact(s) on an account to self-administer the account, specifically to add new contacts or modify existing ones, and create/modify billing and/or shipping addresses.

B2B Commerce: Delegated Administration for Accounts (Storefront)

Contacts with the role of “Administrator” can now perform more tasks, including creation and modification of existing contacts and modifying existing addresses on the account.

Integration: Order Management Cloud

This new integration enables fulfillment of orders created on Oracle Commerce Cloud using Order Management Cloud. Includes returns and exchange processing, as well as order status updates from Order Management. Available to licensed customers of Oracle Commerce Cloud, Order Management Cloud, and Integration Cloud Services.

Selective Publishing

Commerce Cloud now supports selective publishing which allows merchants in the Admin to select a subset of items for publishing to production.

Additional New Features and Other Changes

There are also a number of additional new features, changes, and improvements included in the Oracle Commerce Cloud 17.1 release. By functional area, these include:

Browser Support

There are no changes to browser support.

Language and Currency Support

No new languages are supported. Thirteen new currencies are now supported: UAE Dirham (AED), Algerian Dinar (DZD), Egyptian Pound (EGP), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Lebanese Pound (LBP), Moroccan Dirham (MAD), Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Panamanian Balboa (PAB), Qatari Riyal (QAR), Saudi Riyal (SAR), Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH), Vietnamese Dong (VND).


Custom UIs Using the REST API

Makes it possible for merchants and partners to write their own browser-based UIs that leverage Oracle Commerce Cloud APIs.

Experience and Design

Configurable URL Patterns

Allows users to customize the URL patterns for product detail pages and collection pages via the Admin UI.

Vertical Tabs Stack

OCCS now supports the ability for users to place a vertical tabs stack on any type of page layout.


New Custom KO Binding -- ccResizeImage

This enhancement makes it possible to automatically detect the viewport and fetch the most appropriate image to use using the /images REST endpoint.

Catalog and Promotions

Dynamic SKU Properties

Provides merchants with the ability to create SKU properties at the base or custom product type level, allowing for unique data per SKU, such as UPC.

Clone Promotions

Allows business users to clone an existing promotion and edit basic information to reduce errors and time when creating promotions.

Enhancement to Applying Discounts for a Promotion

Provides the ability for merchants to choose whether promotions are applied to items in the cart using the list price or the lowest discounted price first.

In-Store Mobile: Assisted Selling Application

Enhanced Shopper Profile

The Shopper profile page for registered shoppers has been enhanced to make it easier for store associates to navigate to a shopper’s basic information, such as order history. Has also been enhanced for unregistered shoppers as well to make it easier to find a customer, order, or create a new account.

Support for Generic Card Payments

Provides a generic payment gateway extension for supporting any credit card or gift card type, in addition to the previously supported Chase and CyberSource payment gateways.

Search Admin

Keyword Redirects

New Search Administration UI allows business to create and manage keyword redirects without needing to rely on IT. Feature was previously available via API only.


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