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What's Changed


Initial Document Creation


This document provides a preview of the new and improved functionality coming in the Winter 16 update for Oracle Express CPQ for, formerly BigMachines Express.


This section summarizes any new multi-language, multi-currency or localization changes you can expect to see in Oracle Express CPQ.

End User Translations

End-user translations allow an administrator to provide translations for various interface items like button labels, error messages, static text, and descriptions. The translated items appear for sales reps based on the users' default language. For example, for businesses located in a non-English speaking country like Mexico, an administrator can translate the elements of each CPQ page that a sales rep will see into Spanish.

The languages which are supported include:


Similar to end-user translations, the locale of each user will be used to render numeric, currency and date formats correctly. For example, end-user interfaces like configurations or asset import will automatically reflect the date and numeric formatting which is used in the sales rep's locale.

As you can see from the image above, because the logged in user has an English (U.K) locale setting the date and number formatting reflects the standards of the UK (DD/MM/YYYY and 1,000.00).

The locales which are supported include:


This section summarizes the changes you can expect to see in the Configuration module.

Modern Blueprint Selector

This new feature will give administrators the tools to effectively present more information about the available Configuration Blueprints to sales reps. This feature ensures that the available blueprints are not hidden behind a lengthy picklist but instead presented graphically, with each blueprint represented by a description card with formatted text and images. All description cards line up cleanly in rows and when a card is selected, the user is navigated into a new configuration.

Collapsible Features

Sales users can now display or hide features on bundles by clicking the icon beside the master product. This feature allows sales reps to more quickly scan the configuration screen by allowing bundled features to be collapsed and reduce the amount of scrolling.

Collapsed Features

Expanded Features

Formulas on Text and Checkbox Fields

Administrators can now set the value of a text or checkbox field using a formula. With string operators the value of a text string can be constructed dynamically using other fields and inputs. Text values can also be switched from one value to another using a logical function. Checkboxes can similarly be toggled between true and false (checked and unchecked) using logical functions and Boolean operators. Text and Checkbox formulas can be used on both Fields and Line Item Fields.

If Functions

IF functions are now available for administrators to use when defining formulas on Fields or Line Item Fields where you need to use conditional logic. For example, you can dynamically set a field's value in a Configuration Blueprint using "if-then" logic in your formula instead of having to create a field assignment rule.

The above screen shot shows an example of how you can use IF logic to evaluate the account name and return two different text values depending on whether or not the account is "Acme."

Text Functions and Operators

Text functions and operators are now available in the formula editor on Fields and Line Item Fields allowing you to build a dynamic text string from static text and text fields. This allows you to merge text values, concatenate text strings and convert numeric or date values to text when generating a text output to display on your Configuration Blueprint.

In the above screen shot example, the use of the Add/Concatenate operator between the account name and the quote name would render a field with the text "Acme:Quote01" if the account was Acme and the Quote was Quote01.

Boolean Operators

Boolean operators are available for use in the formula editor allowing you to string together a number of different values where "and", "or" and "not" logic may be required. When constructing a logical test for use in an IF function you can use the && ("and"), II ("or") and ! ("not") operators to create more complex evaluations. Boolean operators are also important when using formulas with checkbox fields because they allow you to resolve multiple checked ("true") and unchecked ("false") into a single result.

Merge Salesforce Picklists in Formulas

The merge field feature has been enhanced to allow for Salesforce picklist field values to be used in formulas. The addition of picklists to provides more options when using formulas to import values from the quote for use in a Configuration Blueprint and can be used with all functions available for use with text fields.


This section summarizes the changes you can expect to see in the Quoting module.

Faster Document Generation

Proposal generation is now optimized for maximum speed. Your Microsoft Word and PDF proposals will be rendered faster than before, saving your sales reps valuable time.


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