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  1. September 2022 Update
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September 2022 Update

Revision History

This document will continue to evolve as existing sections change and new information is added. All updates appear in the following table:

Date Module Feature Notes
26 SEP 2022     Created initial document.



We’re here and we’re listening. If you have a suggestion on how to make our cloud services even better then go ahead and tell us. There are several ways to submit your ideas, for example, through the Ideas Lab on Oracle Customer Connect. Wherever you see this icon after the feature name it means we delivered one of your ideas.


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Feature Summary

Column Definitions:

Report = New or modified, Oracle-delivered, ready to run reports.

UI or Process-Based: Small Scale = These UI or process-based features are typically comprised of minor field, validation, or program changes. Therefore, the potential impact to users is minimal.

UI or Process-Based: Larger Scale* = These UI or process-based features have more complex designs. Therefore, the potential impact to users is higher.

Features Delivered Disabled = Action is needed BEFORE these features can be used by END USERS. These features are delivered disabled and you choose if and when to enable them. For example, a) new or expanded BI subject areas need to first be incorporated into reports, b) Integration is required to utilize new web services, or c) features must be assigned to user roles before they can be accessed.

Ready for Use by End Users
(Feature Delivered Enabled)

Reports plus Small Scale UI or Process-Based new features will have minimal user impact after an update. Therefore, customer acceptance testing should focus on the Larger Scale UI or Process-Based* new features.

Customer Must Take Action before Use by End Users
(Feature Delivered Disabled)

Not disruptive as action is required to make these features ready to use. As you selectively choose to leverage, you set your test and roll out timing.



UI or
Small Scale

UI or
Larger Scale*

CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement

Control Center

Code Redemption - Language Translation


Remove All Points for a Member via API

CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement

Control Center

Code Redemption - Language Translation

You now have the ability to add and manage all applicable language translation for 'Terms of Service' and 'Additional Questions' for Code Redemption campaigns within the Control Center.

Image Showing the Option to Add Additional Languages for your Code Redemption Campaign

You can now add and manage language translations for your code redemption campaigns yourself without contacting your Oracle support team.

Steps to Enable

You don't need to do anything to enable this feature.

Key Resources

Role And Privileges

You must have ‘Write’ access to Code Redemption in the Control Center.


Remove All Points for a Member via API

You now have the option to remove all redeemable points from a member's account via the User Update API.

When deactivating a member in the Control Center today, there is the option to remove a member's redeemable points.  This feature is now available via API.

Steps to Enable

Review the REST service definition in the REST API guides, available from the Oracle Help Center > your apps service area of interest > REST API. If you're new to Oracle's REST services you may want to begin with the Quick Start section.

In order to remove the member's redeemable points via API, you can set the new boolean field 'remove_points' in the User Update API to 'true' or '1' (note this is an optional field).