Cloud Readiness / Oracle B2B Campaign Management (Eloqua)
New Feature Summary
  1. Update 19A
  1. Revision History
  2. Overview
    1. Analytics
        1. Insight and Dashboard Enhancements
    2. Apps
        1. Content Marketing App for Engage
        2. Eloqua-WeChat Integrator App Improvements - Keyword Partial Match
        3. Eloqua-WeChat Integrator App Improvements - Referrals
        4. LinkedIn Matched Audiences App Improvements
        5. Recommended Apps
        6. Integration App Enhancements
    3. Forms
        1. New Form Design Editor Now Available
    4. Programs
        1. Custom Object Feeder Generally Available
        2. Export Data from Program Canvas
        3. Field Level Tracking
    5. Retired / Obsolete Features
        1. Removal of Legacy Sales Tools Administration Area
    6. Sales Tools
        1. Extensibility
        2. Profiler Enhancements
        3. Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook
    7. Security
        1. Contact Web Data Lookup and Field Merge Security Changes
        2. SSL Provisioning Enhancements
    8. Developer Updates
        1. New Features
        2. Platform Notices
        3. Recent Changes
        4. Documentation Enhancements of Note
    9. General Enhancements
        1. Supported Browsers

Update 19A

Revision History

This document will continue to evolve as existing sections change and new information is added. All updates appear in the following table:

Date Feature Notes
04 MAR 2019 SSL Provisioning Enhancements Updated document. Revised feature information.
15 FEB 2019 Content Marketing App for Engage Updated document. Delivered feature in update 19A.
15 FEB 2019 Field Level Tracking Updated document. Delivered feature in update 19A.
15 FEB 2019 Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook Updated document. Revised feature information.
15 FEB 2019 Supported Browsers Updated document. Delivered feature in update 19A.
15 FEB 2019 Custom Object Feeder Generally Available Updated document. Delivered feature in update 19A.
15 FEB 2019 Eloqua-WeChat Integrator App Improvements - Keyword Partial Match Updated document. Revised feature information.
24 JAN 2019   Created initial document.


This guide outlines the information you need to know about new or improved functionality in Oracle Eloqua's 19A Update on February 15th, 2019 at 9pm local data center time.

Refer to the Oracle Eloqua Release Center for additional details about update dates and times.


The information contained in this document may include statements about Oracle’s product development plans. Many factors can materially affect Oracle’s product development plans and the nature and timing of future product updates. Accordingly, this Information is provided to you solely for information only, is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

This information may not be incorporated into any contractual agreement with Oracle or its subsidiaries or affiliates. Oracle specifically disclaims any liability with respect to this information. Refer to the Legal Notices and Terms of Use for further information.


Insight and Dashboard Enhancements

The Agent limit has been increased to 200K rows (was 5,000). We have also removed the ability to re-run the agent every minute to enhance performance.

There are several Dashboard user interface enhancements including new header, navigation drop-down, and icons.

You can now navigate to the email dashboards from the Emails launcher and reports menu.

The Clickthrough Visualizer report (accessed via the Emails area) has been deprecated. Please use the Click Map dashboard.

Individual Campaign Performance dashboard reports now available.

A new Campaign Activity by Asset subject area is now available to perform campaign analysis by asset type.

Dynamic date attributes now available in the Landing Page Analysis subject area and all the campaign subject areas.

Dynamic date prompts now available in these reports:

  • Campaign Analysis Overview
  • Form Submission Overview
  • Email Clickthrough Link Breakdown
  • Email Analysis by Email Group
  • Email Analysis by Activity Date


Content Marketing App for Engage

The Content Marketing app for Engage is now available. It empowers your sales force with access to marketing approved content when composing Engage emails.

Eloqua-WeChat Integrator App Improvements - Keyword Partial Match

The Eloqua-WeChat Integrator app now supports full and partial keyword match for autoreply messages. Once WeChat followers send a word to an official account, the official account is able to auto reply a message to WeChat followers based on the message’s keyword.


  • Marketers are only able to define ONE keyword for one auto reply message.
  • Eloqua can only match the auto- eply message if the word a follower sent EXACTLY matched the keyword defined for the auto reply message.


  • Marketers are able to define max up to TEN keywords for each auto reply message.
  • Eloqua can FULLY match and PARTIALLY match a keyword.

Eloqua-WeChat Integrator App Improvements - Referrals

Referrals are now available for the Eloqua-WeChat Integrator App. The WeChat referral feature allows you to invite WeChat users to participate in an online event. Users can share the event via social channels, which can increase the number of followers for your company's WeChat official account. You can use the Eloqua WeChat integrator app to create an event introduction and a poster with a personalized QR code. WeChat users share their poster and invite their network to scan the QR code and to follow the company's official account. The app helps track social propagation and identify the most successful influencers.

IMPORTANT: This feature is currently released under our Controlled Availability program. To request access to this feature, please log in to My Oracle Support and create a service request.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences App Improvements

You can now capture leads' consent from forms and pass it to a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form.

Recommended Apps

A list of recommended Oracle-built apps is now available in the Apps List and Cloud menu. In order to use the apps, they need to be installed and configured. Integration App Enhancements

We have made several enhancements to the Integration app:

  • Parity on all major native (legacy) integration features, including Marketing Activities and Closed-Loop Reporting
  • Bi-directional support of all Salesforce objects
  • All Oracle Eloqua objects supported, with the exception of Accounts in Actions
  • Import Frequency - every 15 minutes
  • Actions used on a Campaign or Program Canvas
  • Using Oracle Eloqua's Salesforce Integration feeder service, you can specify a Salesforce Integration app import and schedule the import's post processing actions (for example, adding a contact to the shared list). When the feeder runs, the post processing actions update the associated import.

IMPORTANT: The Integration app is currently released under our Controlled Availability program. To request access to this feature, please log in to My Oracle Support and create a service request.


New Form Design Editor Now Available

A new responsive form Design Editor is now available.

Key features of the new editor:

  • Natively responsive forms
  • Improved drag-and-drop mechanism for more control over your form creation experience
  • More form design options, validation with all fields, better layout and higher flexibility for getting the perfect form created with fewer clicks


Custom Object Feeder Generally Available

The custom object feeder on program canvas is now generally available. It was perviously part of our controlled availability program. When creating a custom object program, you can now add a custom object record feeder in a listener step. This option automatically adds newly created custom object records for the specified custom object into the canvas. This replaces the custom object service's Add to Program step to add newly created custom object records into your canvas. New custom object records should flow into the program in approximately 5 minutes, compared to 15 minutes through the custom object services.

Export Data from Program Canvas

You are now able to export data from program canvas.

Field Level Tracking

You can now listen to field changes on Program Canvas for faster execution. Select which fields to listen to and add the listener to the Program.

Retired / Obsolete Features

Removal of Legacy Sales Tools Administration Area

The Sales Tools Administration area has been deprecated. Please configure Engage and Profiler using the Apps area.

Sales Tools


New Extensible Profile is now available:

  • Expand your contact profile: Display one or multiple cards containing additional details about a contact from an external source
  • Surface important insights: Highlight specific insights that can be clicked to view expanded information within a custom tab in Profiler
  • Contact Insights specific for Sales Enablement: Enable sales users with a full view of a contact, without the requirement of storing that data in Oracle Eloqua

Profiler Enhancements

App Access whitelisting is now available:

  • Control how your app is deployed - Whitelist access to for sales users to specific apps based on Eloqua security groups.
  • Simplify Communication - Only have a specific number of licenses available, or looking to pilot an app prior to deploy to all users?  Make an app available to a select set before a widespread rollout.

InMail now opens within the same window, instead of a new window. Contact cards have also been updated.

When viewed in Profiler, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator extension no longer has a frame.

Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook

The Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook add-in is now supported for 32/64 bit versions of Outlook 2019 for Windows.

When sending an email using Engage for Outlook, the signature font is no longer modified in the delivered email.

When saving an email as .oft, the email body is no longer missing.


Contact Web Data Lookup and Field Merge Security Changes

A new security setting on contact data fields allows marketers to add an additional layer of security when using contact data in web data lookups and field merges on external and internal landing pages. This security setting is defined per contact field, to ensure data security without limiting personalization options.

SSL Provisioning Enhancements

When creating a secure microsite, we are simplifying the process to register a new SSL certificate. You can now generate and download a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and upload the certificate directly to Oracle Eloqua.

IMPORTANT: Basic, Standard, or Enterprise trims require the Oracle Eloqua Secure Microsite add-on to use secure microsites. Industry trims include the secure microsites feature. Refer to the Eloqua Service Descriptions for more information or contact your account representative.

This feature is currently released under our Controlled Availability program. To request access to this feature, please log in to My Oracle Support and create a service request.

Developer Updates

New Features

Application API

  • Added a new Audit Log API endpoint to initiate an Eloqua audit log export using the Application API. This API endpoint enables you to specify the type of audit log you want to export within a specified date and time range. If the request is successful, a report will be sent to the email address specified in the request. Previously, initiating audit log exports were only accessible in Eloqua or using an SFTP server after exporting.
  • A new property has been added to the Contact Fields API endpoints. The showTrustedVisitorsOnly property is a boolean that determines whether or not a contact field is displayed only to trusted visitors. A trusted visitor is a contact who has undergone an additional form of verification. A contact field where this property is set to true will only be displayed to trusted visitors. For more information, see the product notice.

Bulk API

  • We've added a new activity field that enables you to filter on the date and time a visitor was linked to a contact. This activity field is available when creating an activity export definition for page view or web visit activity types. Activity records are only returned when linked to a contact. Previously, to export all newly linked activity records, an export as far back as an activity is meaningful would need to be performed to capture newly linked records. With LinkedToContactDate, newly linked activity records can efficiently be exported without exporting activities that have already been exported.

    The syntax for the new LinkedToContactDate activity field is: {{Activity.Field(LinkedToContactDate)}}

    When export data is retrieved, the LinkedToContactDate will be populated with the date and time the contact was linked to a visitor.

Platform Notices

The API endpoints for emails, landing pages, and forms are undergoing changes in updates 19B and 19C as part of the Classic Design Editor Sunset.

As of update 19B, the API endpoints will not allow you to create classic emails and landing pages (request body for htmlContentwith a type of StructuredHtmlContent). However, you can still use the API to edit emails and landing pages. Any new emails and landing pages created using the API endpoints should have a request body for htmlContent with a type of RawHtmlContent. Creating emails or landing pages with the htmlContent type ResponsiveHtmlContent is not supported. If you use the ResponsiveHtmlContent type, we cannot guarantee your email or landing page will be responsive. For the forms API endpoints, you will still be able to use the API to create and update classic forms.

As of update 19C, all API endpoints will not allow creating and editing classic emails, landing pages, or forms. Any forms created with the API endpoints will need to be responsive. A future Product Notice will provide details on usage.

For more information about the classic editor sunset, see the product notice.

Recent Changes

  • Oracle Eloqua deprecated TLS 1.1 on January 18, 2019. Learn more

Application API

  • Resolved an issue with the Application 2.0 Custom Object API endpoints where retrieving and updating a custom object with a custom object field name greater than 50 characters would truncate the name value to 50 characters in the response. With update 19A, if the custom object field name is greater than 50 characters, there will be a validation error.
  • The API endpoint to retrieve a list of activities will now only return EmailContent when depth is set to complete. The default depth for this endpoint is complete, and remains unchanged. Set the depth to minimal in the request URL to have EmailContent not returned.
  • Resolved an issue where using the Application 1.0 Accounts API endpoint to find matching accounts based on a search parameter would not return all of the account fields in the response.
  • The ability to mark forms as internal so that form submissions are dropped, is now available in Controlled Availability. This feature includes the addition of a new property to the Form API endpoints. You can request access to this feature by submitting a request to My Oracle Support.

Bulk API

  • Resolved an issue where creating an activity export definition with ReferrerUrl in the filter would cause the export sync to fail. With update 19A, a validation error will be returned if trying to use ReferrerUrl in the filter of a page view export definition.
  • The Campaign Response endpoints are now Generally Available. These endpoints enable developers to access campaign responses, to support the specific use case of updating a campaign response status in CRM via an App on Program or Campaign Canvas. These endpoints can only be used by an App service instance selected in Response Rules setup, and cannot be accessed otherwise. With this feature, the Campaign Responses Data Source for listeners will also be Generally Available.
  • Resolved an issue where a Bulk API import that did not include C_EmailAddress within fields and isUpdatingMultipleMatchedRecords was set to true, did not successfully update matching records.

Documentation Enhancements of Note

We have added a new tutorial that explains how to use the Campaign API endpoints to create a detailed campaign with steps.

There is a new campaign element reference page. This topic lists the JSON objects needed to create campaign steps when creating campaigns using the Campaigns API endpoints.

General Enhancements

Supported Browsers

Firefox 64 and Chrome 71 are now the preferred browsers for Oracle Eloqua.