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  1. Update 20D
  1. Revision History
  2. Overview
    1. Advanced Intelligence
        1. Account Engagement Score
        2. Analytics
        3. Fatigue Analysis
        4. Send Time Optimization (STO)
        5. Subject Line Optimization
    2. Analytics
        1. Insight
    3. Apps
        1. Account Ownership
        2. Detailed Status Messages for Stuck Records
        3. EloquaZoom App
        4. Infinity Action Center App
        5. RSS App
        6. Integration App
    4. Emails
        1. Archiving Emails
    5. General Enhancements
        1. New Look and Feel
        2. Supported Browsers
    6. Security
        1. Cloud App Canvas Step Permissions
    7. Developer Updates
        1. Application API
        2. Bulk API

Update 20D

Revision History

This document will continue to evolve as existing sections change and new information is added. All updates appear in the following table:

Date Product Feature Notes
13 NOV 2020 Advanced Intelligence Analytics Updated document. Revised feature information.
13 NOV 2020 Analytics Insight Updated document. Revised feature information.
13 NOV 2020 Emails Hyperlinks Updated document. Removed feature from update 20D.
22 OCT 2020     Created initial document.


This guide outlines the information you need to know about new or improved functionality in this update.


The information contained in this document may include statements about Oracle’s product development plans. Many factors can materially affect Oracle’s product development plans and the nature and timing of future product releases. Accordingly, this Information is provided to you solely for information only, is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

This information may not be incorporated into any contractual agreement with Oracle or its subsidiaries or affiliates. Oracle specifically disclaims any liability with respect to this information. Refer to the Legal Notices and Terms of Use for further information.

Advanced Intelligence

Oracle Eloqua’s Advanced Intelligence features use algorithms, data science and machine learning to help marketers achieve superior business results.

The following features are only available as part of Eloqua’s Advanced Intelligence Add-on:

  • Send Time Optimization
  • Subject Line Optimization
  • Account Intelligence
  • Fatigue Analysis

For more information, please contact your account manager.

IMPORTANT: The following features are available as part of the Advanced Intelligence Package add-on that must be ordered for your account. Please contact your account representative or Oracle sales.

Account Engagement Score

Review an account's engagement score using the new Account Performance dashboard. Use the score in segmentation, orchestration, custom analytics, and more.


The following Dashboards and Insight enhancements are now available for accounts with the Advanced Intelligence Package add-on:

  • Account Engagement Overview dashboard now includes a new Top Accounts by Engagement Score chart to visually compare accounts on three dimensions: score, engaged contacts, and scored activities.
  • Access key account details and engagement using the Account Performance dashboard. The dashboard includes engagement score trends, engaged contact details, and top campaigns and assets.
  • A new Send Time Optimization Performance chart allows you to analyze your Send Time Optimization sends. Two attributes are also now available for this dashboard (Send Time Optimized and Schedule Type) in the Account Activity subject area.
  • A Fatigue Level attribute is available in the Contacts attribute folder.
  • The following additional attributes are available in the Account Activity subject area for accounts with the Advanced Intelligence Package add-on:
    • Engagement Score
    • Previous Week Score
    • Change in Engagement Score
    • Engaged Contacts
    • Reachable Contacts
    • Email Send Attributes

Fatigue Analysis

Fatigue analysis helps you avoid customer burnout and disengagement. With this feature and the power of AI, you can identify how fatigued your customers are so that you can change your message frequency and marketing strategy to reduce disengagement and minimize opt-outs.

Send Time Optimization (STO)

Send Time Optimization is now generally available (for customers with the Advanced Intelligence Package add-on). It was previously part of our controlled availability program.

With Send Time Optimization, Oracle Eloqua can determine the optimum time to send an email in a campaign. Emails can be delayed to send at either the appropriate time of day or on a specific day.

Subject Line Optimization

A tool tip now displays a subject line prediction when using the HTML source editor or Email Design editor:

  • If the subject will perform above or below what is average for your Eloqua instance
  • The degree of confidence of the prediction

IMPORTANT: This feature is part of our Controlled Availability program. Please contact your account representative for more information.



The following additional attributes are now available in the Account Activity subject area:

  • Email Group
  • Day of Week
  • Hour


Account Ownership

You can now import the account owner with your account imports for Oracle CX Sales and integration apps.

A new Account Ownership tab is now available in Accounts. This tab displays the CRM name, user ID, and user name for imports.

Detailed Status Messages for Stuck Records

The following new app member statuses have been added:

  • Eloqua configuration error - Manage Data Export Permission: The Eloqua User used by app or that activated the canvas does not have the Manage Data Export action permission
  • Waiting for scheduled send period: Waiting for scheduled send period set within the Scheduling setting for the step

The following app member status has been updated when they are displayed:

  • Invalid app configuration: Export fails because of an invalid definition

EloquaZoom App

A new EloquaZoom app is now available. With this app, you can combine the marketing power or Eloqua with the virtual event and webinar capabilities of Zoom. It allows you to send webinar and meeting registrations to Zoom and retrieve participant information from Zoom to the campaign canvas. This app includes the Zoom Register Action service and the Zoom Attended Feeder service for the campaign canvas.

Infinity Action Center App

The Infinity OAuth Setup screen has been added to the Security configuration. This configuration will be used in the future to configure OAuth for the Infinity Action Center Feeder. This will be available in a future update.


You can now translate the View Story action for feeds. If a feed has its language specified, you can choose to translate the call-to-action to the language of the feed, and this is available in all the languages that Eloqua officially supports. Integration App

When configuring Actions, you can now choose whether to pass blank values to If related control is selected, all blank values will be excluded from the payload.

If there are errors related to any hidden connection, the Integration app will now display a notification message and a warning icon next to the connection name (in the drop-down menu on Status and Reporting screen).

You can now view errors by error type for actions and imports.

On imports and actions, you can now map the URL type (255 chars) to Eloqua Large Text (32,000 chars).

You can now update subscribe/unsubscribe status on Leads or Contacts when related marketing activity is reported.

You can now sync updated values of picklists from to Eloqua.

The campaign action report has been updated to improve the user experience when viewing errors.

The messaging for RuntimeException messages has been updated to include further details.


Archiving Emails

You can now archive emails: 

  • Archived emails will not display in Eloqua Engage 
  • Archived emails in an active campaign will send as expected
  • You can choose to include or exclude archived assets from reports in Insight
  • An Is Archived attribute is available in Eloqua Insight

General Enhancements

New Look and Feel

The Eloqua user interface is getting an exciting new look and feel. Starting with this update, you'll notice a design refresh applied to different areas of the platform, which will continue going forward in subsequent updates.

The following product areas have been updated:

  • Eloqua login screen
  • Main navigation menu
  • Hamburger menu
  • MyEloqua home page with campaigns and campaign approvals tabs

Supported Browsers

Chrome 85 and Firefox 81 are the A (Best Choice) browsers for Oracle Eloqua.


Cloud App Canvas Step Permissions

A new permission is available that controls which users are able to add a new or edit an existing App Cloud step. This enables Eloqua administrators to control who within their organizations can manage the lead flow from Oracle Eloqua to a CRM. This permission applies to all installed Cloud Apps that use the Action service, and includes related Canvas step.

Developer Updates

Application API

Batch processing of forms via API is now generally available. This allows you to post API Form Submission payloads in batches of 500.

The Email Deployment EmailInlineDeployment type is now supported. This enables sending html, instead of having to specify existing Eloqua email, to up to 2000 contacts per request.

Email endpoints enhancements:

  • The property, archive, that indicates if the email is archived, will be changed to archived
  • Update an email endpoints will have new validation to prevent updating archived emails
  • Retrieve a list of emails endpoint will only return unarchived emails by default
  • Two new URL parameters will be available with the Retrieve a list of emails endpoint: includeAvailable and includeArchived
  • Two new endpoints will be added to archive and unarchive emails

Bulk API

You can now use the Bulk API Account Import to programmatically link users to accounts.

When creating a Bulk API sync, the definition will now be validated.

A new retention policy is now in effect for syncs: 

  • With 20D, syncs, sync logs, and sync rejects that are older than a year will be removed
  • Retention policy will be applied from 20D on
  • Age of sync is based on the date the sync was created