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  1. Update 22A
  1. Revision History
  2. Overview
  3. Eloqua Marketing Automation
    1. Advanced Intelligence
        1. Fatigue Analysis Includes All Currently Valid Contacts
    2. Analytics
        1. New Metric: Auto Open
        2. New Metrics for SMS Activity Subject Area
        3. SMS Analysis Dashboard
    3. Campaigns
        1. Percent Split Decision Step on Campaign Canvas
    4. Forms
        1. Blind Form Submit URL Shortening Enabled for All Customers
        2. Intelligent Form Spam Protection User Interface
    5. Integrations
        1. oAuth Authentication Added for Oracle Integration Cloud Service for Eloqua App
    6. Mobile
        1. SMS Enhancements
    7. Profiler
        1. Profiler Updates
    8. Supported Browsers
        1. Supported Browsers
    9. User Experience
        1. Separate Tracking for Automatic Email Opens and Clicks
    10. User Interface
        1. SSL Certificate Request Form Changes
    11. Developer Changelog
        1. Application API
        2. Bulk API

Update 22A

Revision History

This document will continue to evolve as existing sections change and new information is added. All updates appear in the following table:

Date Product Feature Notes
04 FEB 2022 Developer Changelog Application API

Feature delivered in update 22A.

19 JAN 2022     Created initial document.



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Eloqua Marketing Automation

Advanced Intelligence

Fatigue Analysis Includes All Currently Valid Contacts

All currently valid contacts are now scored for the Fatigue Analysis model regardless of their previous invalid status, such as a previous hard bounce or had unsubscribed, but have now re-subscribed.


New Metric: Auto Open

The Email Open subject area now has a new metric: Auto Open. Auto Opens capture emails detected as being opened by scanning or privacy tools. Auto Opens are not included in Total Opens or any associated open rates.

New Metrics for SMS Activity Subject Area

If you have SMS enabled in your Oracle Eloqua environment, SMS Activity subject area now includes the following new metrics for SMS messages:

  • Clickthrough Rate
  • Bounceback Rate
  • Soft Bounceback Rate
  • Hard Bounceback Rate
  • Opt-In Rate
  • Opt-Out Rate
  • Total Hard Bounceback
  • Total Soft Bounceback
  • Total Bounceback
  • Total Clickthroughs
  • Unique Clickthroughs

SMS Analysis Dashboard

If you have SMS enabled in your Oracle Eloqua environment, you can view SMS engagement and performance metrics using the new SMS Analysis dashboard. This dashboard includes the SMS Activity Summary, which shows you SMS performance by SMS message and code.


Percent Split Decision Step on Campaign Canvas

A new decision step is now available in the Campaign Canvas that allows you to split contacts down different paths by percentages.


Blind Form Submit URL Shortening Enabled for All Customers

The Blind Form Submit (BFS) URL Shortening feature helps you to mask personally identifiable information (PII) contained in BFS URLs in emails. At its release, it was generally available on request from Oracle Support (GA Optional). Starting January 24, 2022, this feature is enabled for all customers. 

Once enabled, the URL shortening feature will be applied to all new BFS links that you create and to any existing links contained in an email, after you re-save the email.

Intelligent Form Spam Protection User Interface

To minimize form submission spam, the Oracle Eloqua form spam protection feature can help identify and limit form submissions that are from unverified sources. When spam protection is enabled, and the form is saved, the form HTML will be updated to add submission validation to forms on Eloqua landing pages (HTML needs to be updated manually on externally hosted forms). You can view and export form spam submissions data while editing forms in Oracle Eloqua.

IMPORTANT: This feature is optionally available to all customers. To request access to this feature, please log in to My Oracle Support and create a service request.


oAuth Authentication Added for Oracle Integration Cloud Service for Eloqua App

You can now use oAuth for authentication when you configure the Integration Cloud Service for Eloqua app.


SMS Enhancements

If you have SMS enabled in your Oracle Eloqua environment, you can now do the following:

  • View the SMS Delivery Activity in the Recent Activity and Activity Log sections of a contact card.
  • Manage keywords for use on messages from the SMS setup user interface.
  • Manage keyword replies in the message editor. Response nodes are now available for opt-out and opt-in keyword paths.
  • Import phone number opt-ins and opt-outs from the Salesforce app, for purposes of SMS preference management. This is in addition to existing contact upload and data import options.
  • Send messages to valid mobile phone numbers without a "+" prefix from the SMS step on your Campaign canvas. Previously, the "+" prefix was required.


Profiler Updates

Profiler now displays a contact's Fatigue Level and its linked account engagement score.

IMPORTANT: This feature requires Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools and Oracle Eloqua Advanced Intelligence. It is expected to be delivered late February 2022 as part of our February CX Apps release.

Supported Browsers

Supported Browsers

Chrome 97 and Firefox 95 are the A (Best Choice) browsers for Oracle Eloqua.

User Experience

Separate Tracking for Automatic Email Opens and Clicks

Oracle Eloqua will now track and store the following automatic engagement metrics separately from those generated by an actual email contact:

  • Auto-opens and clicks by email scanning tools
  • Apple email privacy auto-opens

This will provide you with a more accurate count of emails opened or clicked by individuals, which enables you to make decisions based on more reliable data.

User Interface

SSL Certificate Request Form Changes

When adding a new SSL certificate in Eloqua, Organization Name and Email Address are now optional fields in the user interface.

When you generate a certificate signing request (CSR) file for a new SSL certificate, the request will now be placed in a queue. The Eloqua user who created the request will receive an email when the CSR file generation is complete and can retrieve the CSR file from the microsites screen in Eloqua.

Developer Changelog

Application API

We've added a new property to the Form 2.0 Application API endpoints when Form Spam Protection is enabled (isFormSpamProtectionEnabled).

Bulk API

You will experience the following improvements in the Bulk API:

  • Sync logs endpoint: Improved to more efficiently handle fields included in data upload that are not included in an import definition.
  • Import improvement: When uploading data to an import definition that is created with isSyncTriggeredOnImport=true, the data will no longer possibly be assigned to a previously created sync.