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What's Changed

30 OCT 2015

Initial Document Creation

Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud

New Features

The following new feature is available for the next major functional update to Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service.

Enhanced Web Preview

Enhanced Web Preview options are available on the web to view a doclet or section's content without having to download it. The preview works with both Word-based and PowerPoint-based report packages.

Authors can preview the content for a single doclet or section, to see how it looks after uploading and formatting has been applied by the style sample/master slide definition.The preview only shows the content for the selected doclet or section.

It is also useful for approvers to view doclets and sections on the web, and then approve or reject the doclet or section without having to download the document.


This RCD provides information on the new functionality and defects fixed in this update. Oracle plans to apply your monthly service updates to your test instance on the first Friday of every month and to your production instance on the third Friday of every month.

Federated Single Sign-On

Starting with this release, you can configure Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate service users using Microsoft Active Directory Federation Server (ADFS) 2.0, ADFS 2.1, Shibboleth Identity Provider 2.4.0, and Oracle Identity Federation Server 11g. See Managing Single Sign-On in the Administering Oracle Cloud Identity Management Guide for details on how to configure the SSO in Oracle Public Cloud.

Resetting of Default Automated Maintenance Window

If you did not reset the default start time of the daily service maintenance window for your instance, Oracle will reset the start time from the default (midnight Pacific Standard Time) to a more appropriate time (between 11:00 pm and 4:00 am local data center time) based on the historical usage data of the service instance. Resetting the start time based on historical data will improve service maintenance and reduce the duration of the maintenance window.

Read on for details of the forthcoming update.

Defects Fixed

Defect Number



For PowerPoint slides, if you download a doclet that has review comments and "show pins" enabled,the pin images will now not be included in the doclet content.


When a user uploads a doclet, the system performs a refresh on all Smart View queries.


If a PowerPoint doclet is added to a report package after a review cycle is initiated, the author can now upload the doclet.


When clicking "Refresh Review Instance" in the Review Center, the Review instance is now correctly refreshed.


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