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What's Changed

04 DEC 2015

Initial Document Creation

Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud

New Features

The following new feature is available for the next major functional update to Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service.

Supplemental Doclets

With this release, you can now load supplemental documents, such as procedures, instructions, reference material, and so on, into a report package. Supplemental documents can then be uploaded as supplemental doclets in a report package and can be any type of document file (for example, PDF, Excel, Word, and so on). The Supplemental doclets are managed exactly the same way as a normal doclet, with respect to workflow and content management, except that the contents of the file are not merged into the report package. As the content is not included within the merged report, these doclets are excluded from the review and sign off processes.

The supplemental doclets file contents cannot be viewed online, but users can download and use native programs to open the supplemental documents in the same way that you can work with third party artifacts in the library.


This RCD provides information on the new functionality and defects fixed in this update. Oracle plans to apply your monthly service updates to your test instance on the first Friday of every month and to your production instance on the third Friday of every month.

Smart View

With the December update, you must update the Smart View Extension for Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service. You can install the new Smart View Extension from Smart View Options / Extensions Check for Updates, New Installs and Uninstalls.


To access direct links to videos and to the Cloud Help Center on using Enterprise Performance Planning Cloud Service, click or tap Academy on the Home page.

Defects Fixed

Defect Number



Searching by first name, last name, username, and email address is now supported for users from the Inspect/Access tab.


You can now map the prior slide masters to the new slide masters when editing a style sample.


Smart View's Disconnect All disconnects you from all connected resources.


In the review center, the dates displayed now respect the date and time format from User Preferences.


Within Smart View, the due dates are correctly shown in red.


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