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What's Changed


27 MAY 2016

Initial Document Creation

Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud, June Update   

Announcements and New Features

The following new or upgraded features are available for this release:

Internet Explorer Support

Starting with this update, Oracle will not support the use of Internet Explorer Release 10 to access the service.

Embedded Content in Word-based Report Packages and Smart View

Embedded content provides an easy way to add stylized content in your published reports.

Using reference doclets as the container where certain types of reporting content is created, authors can then embed that content in their assigned areas of the report package.  You can design content such as highly formatted reports, ad hoc grids, and text within an Excel spreadsheet, and add that spreadsheet to the report package as a reference doclet.  The available content in a reference doclet becomes common report content that can be embedded in doclets by assigned authors. Embedded content can be reused as required throughout the report package, and is refreshable, so the content will always reflect the latest data.

To use the embedded content feature, you will need to install Smart View, and the new Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Extension for Smart View 16.05.

New Smart View for Office Extension Is Available

A new version of Smart View for Office Extension is available. Install Smart View Extension Release 16.05 to use the new Embedded Content feature for Word-based Report Packages with Smart View.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2016 is now supported.

Persistent Location in the Report Center

To make navigation easier, your selection within the report hierarchy will persist whenever you navigate between phases or tabs, and after refreshing your view after taking action on a doclet.

Expand All / Collapse All

On the Report Center, beside the Name column, select the caret to display the new Expand All/Collapse All options that enable you to quickly expand or collapse all of the sections within the report hierarchy. You can also set the report to display the sections in your preferred style by default.

File Transfer Utility

Download and install the new File Transfer Utility for the 16.06 release.

Defects Fixed

Defect Number



An error message is now displayed if you try to upload encrypted PowerPoint and Word files in Supplemental documents.

Known Issues

Review on My Oracle Support to see if any known issues or helpful workarounds exist for this release.


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