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19 JUL 2016

Data Management

Added new feature information.

24 JUN 2016

Initial Document Creation

Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud, July Update

Announcements and New Features

This release applies routine maintenance and infrastructural updates.

Data Management

Starting in this release, you can use Data Management to integrate file-based data from an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) source system into an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) target application. You can also drill through from the EPM target application and view data in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) source system.

Defects Fixed

Defect Number


23345271, 23321902

When you move to a new release of Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud, POV members may not be carried over to the new release.


When you use the traditional balance sheet approach, FCCS_Total Liabilities
appears as a child of FCCS_Total Liabilities and Equity, and also as a shared
member under Fccs_ Total Non Cash. However, when you use the net asset approach, FCCS_Total Liabilities appears only under Fccs_Net Assets, but not as a shared member under Fccs_ Total Non Cash.


When using Lifecycle Management to import artifacts to an existing application and you import the pre-seeded smart list "Calculation Status," you receive an error "You are trying to modify an object that does not allow modifications. Object:CalculationStatus". This error can be ignored, as the smart list created by the system during application creation and changes need not be imported again.

Known Issues

Review on My Oracle Support to see if any known issues or helpful workarounds exist for this release.


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