Cloud Readiness / Oracle Taleo Enterprise
New Feature Summary
  1. Update 19B
  1. Revision History
  2. Overview
    1. Sourcing
        1. Job Facets for Requisition User-Defined Fields
    2. Onboarding
        1. Candidate File Upload in Onboarding Center
    3. Fluid Recruiting
        1. Post Requisitions to Job Boards
        2. Set Requisition Prescreening Alerts
        3. Edit Requisition Descriptions
        4. Evaluation Management in Requisitions
        5. Requisition Attachments
        6. View Requisitions Posted to Agents and Agencies
        7. Add Collaborators to Requisitions
        8. View General Profile of Candidates
        9. General Profile Attachments
        10. Edit Candidate Submissions
        11. Create Candidate Submissions
        12. Submit Offers for Approval
    4. OBI Reporting
        1. Privacy Agreement Reporting Fields

Update 19B

Revision History

Date Feature Notes
06 MAY 2019 General Profile Attachments Updated document. Delivered feature in update 19B.
22 APR 2019   Created initial document.


This guide outlines the information you need to know about new or improved functionality in this update.


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Job Facets for Requisition User-Defined Fields

Allows job seekers and recruitment marketers to refine the list of jobs using facets that are based on user-defined fields from the requisition. Administrators can configure the facets for select fields and enable them to display. 


Candidate File Upload in Onboarding Center

Enables the onboarding specialist to upload files to a new hire's onboarding process from the Onboarding Center. This allows files to be added and replaced at any time during or after the onboarding process. Files can be uploaded for the file categories that have been configured in the process.

Fluid Recruiting

Post Requisitions to Job Boards

Manage the posting of requisitions on job boards. You can post a requisition to job board accounts for eQuest and other external suppliers. You can modify a requisition info once the requisition is posted. You can synchronize changes on posting.

Set Requisition Prescreening Alerts

Activate and manage ACE alerts and Request More Information (RMI) alerts on requisitions. You can specify a threshold to flag the best candidate submissions. You can select recipients to notify them when ACE submissions are received.

Edit Requisition Descriptions

Edit the External Description and Internal Description sections in requisitions. You can edit the descriptions and qualifications using a rich text editor. You can select contacts using the Contact selector.

Evaluation Management in Requisitions

Use the Interview tab in requisitions to add and manage interviews and their schedules. The Taleo Recruiting existing Evaluation Management module is used in Fluid Recruiting.

Requisition Attachments

View, edit, preview, upload, and download attachments in requisitions.

View Requisitions Posted to Agents and Agencies

View postings to agents and agencies for a particular requisition. You can find details of existing postings to agents and agencies along with their respective email addresses and posting schedules.

Add Collaborators to Requisitions

Add collaborators to requisitions. You can use the Frequent Collaborators option or other filters to find the people you want to add as collaborators.

View General Profile of Candidates

View the general profile of candidates while looking at their job submissions. Toggle from the candidate submission to the general profile to view general profile info about the candidate.

General Profile Attachments

View, edit, preview, upload, and download attachments in general profiles.

Edit Candidate Submissions

Edit a candidate's submission while reviewing the list of submissions for a requisition. 

Create Candidate Submissions

Create a candidate submission while reviewing the list of submissions for a job requisition. While creating the candidate submission, choose whether the submission is requisition specific or a common candidate profile. 

Submit Offers for Approval

Submit a draft offer for approval. You can edit the list of approvers and the approval order. 

OBI Reporting

Privacy Agreement Reporting Fields

Use these fields to report on the Privacy Agreement feature: 

  • Is Agreed
  • Action Date
  • Action Locale 
  • Privacy Statement Code
  • Privacy Statement Name
  • Privacy Statement Career Site Code
  • Privacy Statement Career Site Name